Radio announcer slams Jim and Inquirer: “Tarantado ka talaga, Paredes! Imbes na makatulong ka, nanggugulo ka pa” - The Daily Sentry

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Radio announcer slams Jim and Inquirer: “Tarantado ka talaga, Paredes! Imbes na makatulong ka, nanggugulo ka pa”

Mark Lopez and Jim Paredes
After the recent state visit of President Xi Jinping, the signing of Memorandum of Agreement came into the picture which caused panic to some Filipinos who then firmly believes that President Duterte sold the sovereignty to China.

Renminbi clearing agreement 

Adding salt to the wound, the media outlet Inquirer released an article news reporting that in accordance with the Renminbi Clearing Arrangement, the Chinese currency will soon be acceptable for any transaction in the Philippines. The news was reposted by Jim Paredes who is known as a loyalist to the opposition, captioned as


Mark Lopez slams Paredes 

Mark Lopez described Inquirer and singer Jim Paredes as riding-in-tandem criminals for creating chaos and panic to people. The Inquirer for giving false information and Paredes for apparently not doing his research.

Lopez explains what is truthfully indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding about the Renminbi through Facebook. According to the post, it plainly falls on foreign transactions, like using dollars for bonds. Added to that, it will be restricted for domestic transactions. In a rage, irate Lopez says,

In Twitter, Mark replied to Paredes’ tweet, giving the singer a brief explanation of what Renminbi is,

Pag binasa mo yung mismong article, pang mga international transactions lang yan at hindi domestic.”

Angered, Mark then adds,

“Tarantado ka talaga, Paredes! Imbes na makatulog ka, nanggugulo ka pa!” 

Fuming netizens

Irate netizens commented calling Paredes with many names and inserted that the latter is just a singer who does not even know what he is talking about. Described by one netizen as “atenistang walang alam,” Paredes draws flak for another post seemingly detracting the Duterte government. Netizens shared the ballistic sentiments the way Mark sees Jim.

Xi Jinping’s visit 

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the country last Nov 20-21. The state visit aims to strengthen the ties between China and Philippines. Duterte chooses to remains friends with China despite the issue on the Spratlys Islands which until now stirs debate among groups.

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Itong teroristang si Jim Paredes at Inquirer, parang riding in tandem na kriminal. Talagang gusto manggulo at manakot sa mga Pilipino...

Ang nilgdaang MOU about the Renminbi eh patungkol sa mga foreign transactions, gaya ng paggamit natin ng dollars sa mga bonds.

Hindi ito puede sa domestic transactions.

Putres, imbes na magpaliwanag at kalmahin ang taumbayan, itong mga gagong ito eh sya pang nanlilito at nanlilinlang!

Mga salot!

Source:  Mark Lopez