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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Robredo on Sister Fox: "Parang mas Pilipino pa siya kaysa sa marami sa atin, nakakalungkot lang."

Vice President Leni Robredo says Sister Patricia Fox is more likely to be Filipino than many of us. Image combined credit to Adobo Chronicle and Rappler photos
Vice President Leni Robredo made a remark on Sister Fox deportation in the country saying Sister Fox is more Filipino than many us.

As a Filipino most especially as person with the highest position in the country it is not appropriate to comment as if you are not a citizen of the country and with high post in the government.

In an interview in a local radio station on Sunday, Vice President Leni Robredo made a remark on Sister Patricia Fox deportation. The Australian missionary worked for 27 years in the Philippines fighting for justice for farmers and the poor.

Fox was battling on her year-long battle in her deportation case and now left the country last Saturday.

Robredo's comment

According to the Vice President of the country, she expressed sadness in what the government has done to Sister Fox who is like more a Filipino than the real Filipinos in our country. It saddened her that the reason Fox was deported is because of politics.

“Nakakalungkot na pulitika iyong naging dahilan. Nakakalungkot na iyong pagpahayag ng mga saloobin, parang, kailangan parati mong pagbayaran (It is sad that she was deported because of politics. It is sad that you always pay the price for expressing your thoughts),” Robredo said.

“Nakakalungkot kasi ito iyong isang tao na hindi naman Pilipino pero inialay iyong kaniyang buhay for 27 years para tulungan iyong pinakamahihirap nating mga kababayan (She is not even a Filipino but she dedicated 27 years of her life to help our people),” she added.

“Pero gaya ng sabi ko, ito, pinatunayan na ng kasaysayan…na hindi tumatagal iyong masamang saloobin. Parating sa huli, kabutihan iyong mananaig,” the vice president noted.

(But like what I’ve said the past,  history has proven that people with negative intent do not last.  Ultimately, good will prevail.)

“Kaya tingin ko dadating iyong panahon na babalik din si Sister sa atin at ipagpapatuloy iyong misyon niya para tulungan iyong mga Pilipino,” she added.

(So I believe that Sister Fox will return and she will continue her mission here of helping our people.)

Why is Duterte mad at Sister Fox?

Australian missionary Patricia Fox, having a “foul mouth” and alleged “disorderly conduct” angered President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to President Duterte, the nun came here in the Philippines and engage in partisan political activities and insult his administration.

President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted that he gave orders to detain Fox in the Bureau of Immigration but his order is to investigated Fox.

His qualified apology also came with strong words for the missionary.

“You come here and insult us, you trample with our sovereignty. That will never happen,” said Duterte.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra told the media that it is unlawful for aliens staying in our country to engage in partisan political activities, and the government has the right to refuse entry to those who have committed these illegal acts in the past.

Who is Sister Patricia Fox?

A missionary from Australian that came here in the Philippines to help the urban poor, indigenous peoples, and farmers.

The 71-year old nun has been in the country for 27 years and in an articles posted by known Duterte supporter RJ Nieto fox had been arrested during the Aquino administration.

In a report by UCAnews, Fox was also said to be part of a group helping farmers in Hacienda Luisita charged with illegal assembly, direct assault, trespass and malicious mischief.

When Fox was arrested, she had just joined an international fact-finding and solidarity mission investigating alleged rights abuses in Mindanao.

It was also said that Fox joined protest against the killing of farmers in Mindanao.

And according to the National Intelligence Coordination Agency, she had allegedly been photographed raising a fist and wearing a “Stop Killing Farmers” t-shirt at a rally. Her lawyers have denied these claims.

Sister Patricia Fox left the country last Saturday night and Vice President Leni Robredo was totally in dismay that the nun was forced to leave the country.

However, after such decision to the foreign missionary to the Philippines, Robredo believes that Fox will soon come back to the Philippines to continue her mission in helping the Filipino people.


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