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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sandiganbayan called “mongoloid” by Veteran Manila Standard Columnist

After decades, Former First Lady and Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos, was finally found guilty by the Sandiganbayan 5th Division and was ordered to be arrested, facing imprisonment of 6 years and 1 month to 11 years for each of the 7 counts of graft she was found guilty of.
Manila Standard columinist and Sandiganbayan / Photo from Facebook and RMN Networks

However, supporters of the Marcoses called this a fluke and said that Imelda Marcos is not fit to go to prison because of her advanced age.

She is 89 years old.

Imelda Marcos is also running as governor in Ilocos Norte to replace her daughter Imee Marcos.

Court order is to derail her candidacy

Rod Kapunan, a veteran columnist of ‘Manila Standard’ sees a different perspective on the matter of Imelda’s arrest.
Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos / Photo from ABS-CBN

He feels like the whole was staged, saying that it took a very long time for the case to be addressed and that that decision of which had to come months before the elections.

He further feels that Imelda has been denied a right to a speedy case.

Kapunan calls the people who ordered for her arrest as “mongoloids” and that they are politically motivated to put her in prison.

He adds that it is quite interesting how they have suddenly found evidence against Imelda now that she has a chance to win the position her daughter will vacate.

Read his full post here:

“When a case that has been pending for 33 years was decided, the issue is no longer about d charged against the accused, but the violation of her right to speedy trial. It is completely an absurd argument to accuse an already accused person of delaying the case against her. It was the mongoloids and his cabal of mongolitos who purposely delayed the case because they could not find an iota of evidence against her. When she filed her candidacy and is likely to win, the mongoloids all of a sudden found the evidence to technically prevent her from running. It is most unfortunate those Rip Van Winkles in the Sandiganbayan prefer to be called mongoloids. The world is farting and urinating at their stupidity.”