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The 3 stooges of the Philippines: Sison, Trillanes, Alejano - Concept News Central

Photo of President Rodrigo Duterte and the screen-capped image of Daily Tribune's editorial cartoon (ctto)

Clearly this is a case of paranoia. Paranoia is defined as a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, self-importance, or a condition so serious like schizophrenia in which a person loses touch with reality.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea  last November 22, 2018 issued Memorandum Order 32, citing the need to send more troops in identified communist/New People’s Army hotspots, particularly n the provinces of Bicol, Samar and Negros regions.

Enemies of the State

The editorial of the Daily Tribune by Concept News Central is on target as to how it will affect the left leaning critics of government and the political opposition. A well-defined and calculated move by a genius that is President Rodrigo Duterte because, now he just gave the enemies of the state their right place in the society.

According to the said editorial, though the enemies of the State are no longer confine to the safety of the jungles in the provinces, they have already spread and has misinterpreted and abused the 1987 Constitution by using the way of being elected through the noble idea of Party-list system. All if not majority of the number of party list-representatives can be traced to the communists’ way of thinking – and that is to topple the existing government founded through the ideals of democracy, and for them to spread and establish the Maoist structure of government.

Trillanes and Alejano

Moreover, Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Rep. Gary Alejano are said to be the fine examples of hypocrites lawmakers who uses their mandate not to help alleviate the poor state of their countrymen but have made themselves the official rival of the current administration, no importance if what they are throwing are true, as long as they can be talked about the and they have destroyed or eroded the good image of the hard working president.

The always critic of Duterte, Trillanes has the gull to question the rationale of the President in entering agreements most specially in the joint exploitation for oil in the disputed area of the West Philippine Sea when there are records of him being the point man in the backdoor negotiations with China when Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was the President.

As for the aspiring senator, Magdalo Party representative Gary Alejano, who has been called out by the President as a hypocrite, “thinking that he is the only one who is honorable in government.”

Joma Sison

The author also said that the most senior and cunning of all the paranoid critic of the President is not located in the country as a matter of fact he is enjoying the fresh air of the countryside watching the turnings of the giant windmills – Jose Maria Sison.

If recalled, Sison easily hit the headlines when he called the MO 32 is nothing but a prelude to the declaration of Martial Law nationwide. Mainstream media immediately featured the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder on their headlines.

Mindanao, under the Duterte presidency is a prime example that it can work, a cut in the bureaucratic process, more visibility of the uniformed personnel, and support of those people in the affected areas has brought about unprecedented benefits. Crime rate has drastically decrease, peace and order is being implemented paving the way for tourists to come, visit the local world class tourists spots which eventually is a big help to the revenues of the local government unit concerned.

The editorial concludes that “that a task force, if ever one is to be created by DoJ Secretary Guevara, must include investigations against lawless politicians and communist leaders for them to be implicated and indicted before the proper courts and tribunals, may it be in the domestic court system or before the international courts, similar to what they do against President Duterte. It is a matter of giving them a dose of their own medicine that should they be indicted. Then, they would be precluded from claiming otherwise.”

Indeed the President just made his move again, but this time it’s already Checkmate.

Source: Daily Tribune