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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The “power nap” of Duterte and “Noynoying” during the presidency of Aquino - Daily Tribune

President Rodrigo Duterte while in 33rd ASEAN summit in Singapore (from Google) and the cartooned image of former chief executive Benigno Aquino III (from Daily Tribune's editorial )

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has been reaping harsh criticisms from the other side of the political fence for napping while in Singapore.

Duterte who attended the 33rd Association of Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Singapore, was not able to attend four meetings which included the following: the ASEAN-Australia Informal Breakfast Summit, the 20th ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit, the Working Lunch hosted by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Second Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Summit.

Malacañang’s assurance

An opposition Senator did not think twice when he hurled his baseless accusations to the power naps taken by Duterte calling the later as either lazy or he has problems with his physical fitness.
“It could only be one of two things: he is either seriously ill that he could no longer perform his functions as President; or he is simply too lazy and irresponsible,” the opposition senator said.
“Either way, that’s a big problem for our country,” he added.
To which Malacanang Spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo replied:
‘We assure the nation that his aforementioned absence has nothing to do with his physical health and well-being which have been the subject of speculation,”
On this exchange alone we can deduce the kind of bias media we have, this issue of taking power naps has been blown out of proportion giving the picture that the President did not do his job in the Summit, despite he was represented by his Foreign Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr in all 4 related summits armed with prepared statements.

'Power nap vs. Noynoying’

Meanwhile, a Daily Tribune article has compared the “power nap” of Duterte and “Noynoying” during the presidency of Benigno Aquino III. *

Here are some excerpt from Daily Tribune’s editorial today which best describe it:

What is clearly wrong is “Noynoying,” equated to sleeping on the job. 

PNoy is a natural in doing nothing. Even his colleagues in the House of Representatives when he was a congressman could attest that PNoy can be caught napping during sessions and committee hearings. Those in Malacañang during his administration can also talk about his perennial habit of sweeping everyday problems under the rug, leaving the decision making to his Cabinet, composed of underwhelming and conniving idiots.

As a master of inaction, even when PNoy appears to be doing something, he is still not doing anything. The media can attest to how absentminded PNoy was during his press conferences, never veering away from his script, talking like a trained lackey.

Anyone who has been on an international summit would know how tiring and demanding the schedule is for the head of the delegation, especially if you’re the President of the Philippines. Unlike all the other country heads in the summit, President Duterte had the added responsibility of meeting with the local Filipino communities, so he can inspire and elicit patriotism from our overseas Filipino workers.

President Duterte’s power naps are undoubtedly justified if you look at what he achieved in his trips to Singapore and Papua New Guinea.

President Duterte capped off his Papua New Guinea visit with another lively talk with the Filipino community that welcomed him again like a rock star, shouting his name as if he were Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium. Filipinos there, like those in all the other countries he has visited, had to be subdued and be reminded to calm down, so the President can deliver his no-holds-barred speech which included his branding of the Magdalo Group as the ISIS of Aquino’s time. He is correct — the problems we now face were all planted while our previous President was “Noynoying

If indeed “noynoying” is true, and if one is made to choose between the latter and a “power nap”, clearly, a person with his right mind would know what to prefer.

But because the President has been critical to the biased news of the giant networks, they have given Duterte no slack and made it appear he has done a big disservice to the Philippines for taking a nap.

Noynoying (pronounced noy-noy-YING or noy-NOY-ying) is a protest tactic in the form of neologism which critics of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III have used to question his work ethic, alleging inaction on Aquino's part on the issues of disaster response and of rising oil prices. (taken from Wikipedia)