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Thursday, November 8, 2018

UK’s geopolitical expert says Duterte is the Saviour of OFWs

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Adam Garrie, a geopolitical expert who specializes on Eurasia recently praised the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte for literally being the savior of OFWs around the world. Duterte has prioritized the protection of the OFWs, who are often the victims of abuse and maltreatment in other foreign countries.

The Savior

Amid the celebration of the arrival of OFW Jennifer Dalquez in the country after being imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates for 4 long years, Adam Garrie, a political analyst focusing in Eurasia, wrote an article praising president Duterte for not giving up on the OFW’s case and his hard stance against UAE.
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It can be recalled that the president threatened to pull out all the Filipinos working in the UAE if the UAE government decide to execute Dalquez. The Filipina Dalquez was previously sentenced to death by the UAE court for killing her employer. However, Dalquez explained that she acted out of self-defense since her employer was trying to rape her.


Garrie explained that because of the intervention of the president, the OFW who was supposed to be executed for defending herself and her dignity was now a free woman. Earlier this year, Duterte also temporarily banned the deployment of OFWs in Kuwait after the murder of an OFW by her employer.

The Philippine embassy helped evacuate other Filipinos working for abusive workers in Kuwait. In the end, Duterte paved the way for negotiations that resulted in Kuwait amending its laws to better protect the rights of the OFWs.

Standing Up for Fellowmen

The geopolitical analyst further said that while the president protects and ethically stands up against the unjust treatment of his fellow Filipinos, he has always stressed the importance of OFWs to follow the law of any land they are working in.

The president is not afraid of cutting ties and good relations with rich Arab countries in order to protect the safety of Filipinos. In so doing, he proved to everyone that of his many priorities, his ultimate duty is still to serve the Filipinos here and abroad.

Here’s an excerpt of Adam Garrie’s article in Eurasia:

“While the lack of fully fledged foreign direct investment in The Philippines due to the Liberal authored 1987 Constitution continues to force many Filipinos to seek work overseas, until such Constitutional reforms are implemented and begin to reshape the country, President Duterte’s support for OFWs will remain vitally important as has already been witnessed many times.

When one considers how much Duterte has done for OFWs, while many of his predecessors could barely lead The Philippines, Duterte is more than just The President of The Republic of The Philippines, he is the authentic leader of Filipinos throughout the world who he goes out of his way to assist in countries that are less than free while Duterte also makes the time to meet with and engage with OFWs in safe and free foreign nations. This is not only true leadership but it is true compassion and a championing of the genuine definition of human rights.”