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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Veteran columnist: The Duterte-Church tirades are so totally ‘bobo'

Caloocan bishop Ambo David / photo from Inquirer

Halfway to this six year term presidency, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte still does not see eye to eye with the Catholic Church.
For the past three years both Duterte and members of the clergy has been at it, and everytime they do it is as sure as the sun rises in the east-it will be on the headlines.

Duterte vs David
Just recently the President in one of his official speaking engagements alleges that a certain “Bishop David” appropriates donated church money for his family’s personal use.
Of course, as it should be because of human nature the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines – Caloocan Bishop Ambo David denies any theft and also made a jab at the demeanor of the President, calling Duterte as “Sick” and asked the faithful to pray for the chief executive.
Undoubtedly the President command a 70% plus public trust ratings so the public support would always be there, but Catholic Church in the country commands a much higher 90% public trust rating the highest among institutions in the country.
Just looking on the numbers, both parties jabbing at each other is a waste of time where both can achieve a lot if they would recognize their differences and admit the areas where they can work together- for a better Philippines.
Help each other
Veteran Manila Times columnist Mr. Ricardo Saludo hit the spot in his column today titled “The Duterte-Church tirades are so totally ‘bobo’when he said that both Duterte and the prelates can stop their media hugging headliners and put the welfare of the Filipino as a platform for both to help each other.*

For sure, a good number may like seeing Duterte hitting the Church just as religious leaders criticize the State. But most Filipinos probably prefer that the two institutions and their heads work together for national advancement.
It is undeniably the Philippines is a Catholic country as much as the President is not a practicing catholic ( he was raised and Catholic educated), both most extend their hand of friendship and find a common ground of interest – having the much needed peace in the country can never be achieved if both would still throw invective at each other.
It is Church-State initiatives like those that most Filipinos want to see, not unkind invectives thrown between the President and the prelates.
So might Jesus Christ. After all, despite the excesses of emperors, He still preached: “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

President Rodrigo Duterte / photo from Philstar

Source: Manila Times