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Monday, November 26, 2018

Veteran Journalist Ermin Garcia, Jr. Suggests, ”To save more lives, ibalik ang tokhang!”

Ermin Garcia Jr. and a photo of Tokhang from Philippine Star
”Tokhang” has been an issue which reached the international media putting the country to a sensation- with the efforts of Leni Robredo’s where she spilled the accusation of “palit-ulo” and extra-judicial killings against the current administration. With the existence of Tokhang since President Rodrigo Duterte’s term, thousands of drug-related violators were caught and put into rehabilitation centers set and prepared by the government. But to the unfortunate ones who did not want to get away from the dirty life with drugs, fought at the very last of their breath.

Drug war in chill mode 

In exchange of the drug war is a peaceful life where people no longer feel afraid of walking home along the dark corners of Manila, the crime rate was lessened, and drug violators are forced to take the sober road. However, the war was recently put into a “chill mode” where there are no longer continuous and consistent buy-bust operations. In lieu of such, drug operators are back into the business. In a post of a veteran journalist, Ermin Garcia, the man calls out for,

“To save more lives, ibalik ang tokhang!” 

Bring back tokhang

According to Garcia, if former drug suspects know that Tokhang is in still operation, they’ll be aware that they are being watched. They will be convinced to undergo rehab and not to pursue any drug business because if they do, they will be put to jail. The existence of tight ‘tokhang operations’ will force drug users and pushers to change course in life or else, they’ll rot in jail or face death early.

Agreed netizens 

Netizens agreed with the suggestion of Garcia. There were netizens who have shared their insights and noticed the again ballooning crime rate in related to drugs. Much more, some call out for the death penalty. Drug violators are said to have taken advantage of the current situation.

Read full post below:

TO SAVE MORE LIVES, IBALIK ANG TOKHANG! Over the past months, marami na ang mga nababalitang namatay na drug pushers dahil nanlaban. Wala na rin ang mga nagsu-surrender at malakas na ang mga loob na ituloy ang pagbenta dahil sa paniniwala na nakakalusot na sila.May mga ng surrender nuon na bumabalik na sa droga sa paniniwala din na lusot na sila.

Kung may tokhang, nalalaman ng suspects na binabantayan pa rin sila. At nakakausap pa silang mag surrender at magpa rehab, at yong mga nag surrender ay masabihan na huwag ng ituloy ang ginagawa nila dahil makukulong na sila.

Sa tokhang, maraming hindi na maglakakas loob na mag benta at gumamit ng droga at lumayo sa kapahamakan - siguradong kulong o kamatayan pag nanlaban.

Source: Ermin Garcia Jr