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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wife of a military man explains why Duterte prefers ex-military men in the government

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President Rodrigo Duterte is being rumored putting the government under the military. The critics of the government are trying to create chaos and panic to people particularly implying “Martial Law” on the way. But what could be the real reason why?

In spite of unending stones being thrown to Duterte, undersecretary at PCOO, Lorraine Marie Badoy shed all the light why the president put problematic government departments under ex-military men. One of the offices nearly rotting with greed and bribe is the Bureau of Customs, that’s undeniable. It was so recent when news broke out that tons of drugs hidden on magnetic lifters in BoC passed the strict x-ray scan.

Lorraine, a woman of a military man, just like her girlfriends proved how their men put them second to the country. These military men love the country above all else,q as if it is already programmed in their DNA. Proudly described by Badoy, military men work hard quietly without fuss, does not even have the littlest drama, and just aim to simply get the job done. In other words,”trabaho lang.”
Photo from Lorraine Marie Badoy's FB
Ex-military men in the government 

One of the few ex-military men that Duterte put to cover chaotic government departments is Bong Visaya of National Irrigation who truly pushed to finish building the unfinished dam since 1980’s. The mass firing and cleansing of BoC under Sid Lapena, who then Badoy believes that the latter has paid the price of attempts on putting dirt on the soldier’s name.

Alex Balutan of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office relentlessly fights over corruption and greed on the department which seems to be a normal tradition there for decades already. The mighty Ed Del Rosario who greatly helped on the reconstruction of Marawi after the long battle.

Among these great military men who opt to get away from the limelight is Roy Cimatu who silently transformed and brought back the real beauty of Boracay island.

These military men together with Esperon, Tabaquero, and Lorenzana are the closest to the president whom he believes are the one who can give so much effort and do the hard work until 2022. Their works are not reported by the mainstream media but sound all good for the military leaders who don’t prefer to be put in front of the cameras.

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Let me tell you why the President sometimes prefers ex-military men to head departments in his administration—and most often, the troubled and more challenging departments.

One reason and one reason alone: they get the job done.

The. End.

And they get it done---with as little drama, as little fuss, as little noise as possible.

On top of that, they get it done with zero self promotion.

You know why?

These guys are what my closest girlfriends and I, who like me, are married to PMAers, fondly call ‘war-shocked’. Lol.

Ask any woman married to a PMAyer/any soldier and the answer will be the same.

We come second to country.

Service to country is deeeeeply ingrained in them. Nakasuksok sa DNA. The day we got to accept that was the day we attained Nirvana.

They are on perpetual “Aye-aye, sir.” Sabay snappy salute.

They won’t see the million and one obstacles and challenges. NO. THEY WON’T. What they’ll see is the finish line. What they will see is the GOAL—and how to get there in the shortest time possible.

Effective as hell.

They could, probably see the hurdles, but these hurdles are something they just swat away like bothersome flies.

Dam unfinished since the 80’s? Get it completely built. That’s my manong Bong Visaya, head of the National Irrigation who’s been clocking one amazing gain after the other for country.

Former BOC Chief, Sid Lapeña, raised the bar with back to back record-breaking Customs collections and seizures. And he did that with never-before seen measures of cleansing and en masse firing and freezing of employees who weren’t above board.

He has paid the price for this with the attempted besmirching of his good name but I don’t think Sid Lapeña loses a lot of sleep over it. He is familiar with the terrain of the battlefield and he knows all that is par for course.

He takes the bullet and soldiers on. Zero drama.

Alex Balutan has transformed the PCSO too with back to back unprecedented record-breaking revenues and has been relentless in fighting corruption that has been there for decades.

Ed del Rosario recently led groundbreaking ceremony for the rebuilding of structures in Marawi’s most affected area. Oh the challenges he’s had to hurdle to get to that day.

In the meantime, thousands of IDPs live in comfort and dignity in temporary shelters that will house them while their beloved Marawi rises from the ashes. There is no repeat of Yolanda here.

Generals Tabaquero, Esperon, Lorenzana are closest to the President.

Roy Cimatu, my gad. Where do I even start with the miracle he created with Boracay’s once filty waters?

I could go on and on about the million and one ways these guys (a lot of them not in my collage kasi hindi na kasya lollll) get the job done magnificently well.

Do you hear about it much? No, right? You know why? I have to practically beg them to tell me what their gains are so I can put it on the numerous platforms of the PCOO.

I need to do my song and dance before they get it. And then I have to use the right words.

I have to say “That is your accountabity to the people. We need to show them that we are serious stewards of this country’s resources and where we spend them. So that it gives them a sense of wellness and then it validates the President’s programs. And then, yey, there’s some buy-in. So please, please, tell me. Help me do my job better.”

I can’t use any word that reeks of self-promotion. They would run away from it. Believe me. I know these guys.

It just doesn’t occur to them to crow about the amazing UNPRECEDENTED gains they’ve given our country. You know why? That is how they are wired.

Trabaho lang.

I am not saying ALL ex-military guys are humble and competent and incorruptible. No way. I have met some of the worst.

I am only saying the President chooses exceedingly well the ex-military men he surrounds himself well. The ones he has chosen are like him—incorruptible, indefatiguable, humble and for whom the words courage, loyalty and integrity still mean something.

I am also saying the President is aware he doesn’t have the luxury of time to get as much done for country as possible so hires these men who understand this sense of urgency and who will get the job done before 2022 is over.

Their retirement age is 56. So young. And in the meantime, all that experience, all that wisdom, all that education (we spend millions on them) goes to waste.

Why oh why would we not enlist these highly educated, incorruptible, effective men of moral courage in the fight to get country back?

I have good friends on the left and they have told me of their concerns and I understand. Perfectly well. But I’d like to tell them to rest assured. There is no militarization going on here when the President appoints ex-generals in his Cabinet.

It is as simple as getting the right person for the job.

As for the BOC being monitored by the military, whyever not? Unless you want things to remain the same and give that useless pissashit ex-Pres Noynoy Aquino the time of day as he tells our President what to do. (Such gall. Noynoy, mag-DOTA ka na lang. Get the hell out of the way while real men do their jobs. Sheesh.)

There is a war going on in the BOC and, I am hoping, flamethrowers and howitzers figure in the equation –preferably against the mga SALOT ng Bayan. Those who’ve used their positions to betray country and enrich themselves and then DAMN an entire country with their unbridled greed.

I still think Sec Judy Taguiwalo was awesome as DSWD Secretary. She got the job done and she got it done with compassion and with excellence. All the nasty things you say to me about her bounce off me. I have worked with her and I saw her heart, her mind and her soul when she served.

She came to the table with clean hands and a pure, brave heart.

It is the same with these guys.

They come to the table with clean hands and pure, brave hearts. And they will get the job done.

Now shaddup and do your share instead of yakking endlessly about our differences.

There is so much more that unites than divides us.

Let us stand on our shared ground—love for country—and do all we can for it.

Pretty please?




Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy