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Agot Isidro ridicules Revilla’s legislative agenda: ‘Dedma lang talaga sa mga mahihirap’

Agot Isidro and Bong Revilla / Composite photos from Instagram and Philippine Star
Filipina Actress Agot Isidro takes a swipe at Senatorial Candidate Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. to likely go after “false accusers” as one of his legislative agendas, should he win, such as the ones liable behind his alleged involvement to the controversial Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

On Friday’s twitter post, the actress pointed out saying, “Yan talaga ang agenda mo? Dedma lang talaga sa mga naghihirap.  Ok, copy po. Bye”, referring to GMA News’ (@gmanews) headline tweet that read, "Bong Revilla should he win as Senator in 2019: I have legislative agenda against my false accusers. Dapat may pang-counter." by ‘Kapuso’ reporter Cedric Castillo (@cedric_castillo)

The former Senator has been one of the most discussed personalities in the past weeks since his acquittal over plunder charges in a decision promulgated by Sandiganbayan First Division.

This, while Revilla’s staff Richard Cambe along with businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles remains convicted.

The 52 – year old celebrity – turned - politician also refused to repay the government with civil liabilities amounting to P124.5 Million, pursuant to Article 100 of the Revised Penal Code.
Agot Isidro / Photo from PeP
Although the 186 – page decision never indicated who among the accused were to pay, Revilla’s lawyers justified that their client is NOT liable since plunder charges were dropped, in the first place.

Revilla, in a press conference held at the office of his legal consultant, Estelito Mendoza, issued a similar opinion.

“Ano ang isosoli ko? Wala naman akong kasalanan, nagsalita na ang korte na wala akong kasalanan,” Revilla said.

Mendoza to his defense, implied that Revilla’s charges were prompted by ‘dirty politics’.

“I believe Revilla is innocent. The Ombudsman, under Conchita Carpio Morales, para bang trigger-happy mag-file ng plunder dahil no bail, bilanggo kaagad,” Mendoza said.

Revilla, who was locked up for over 4 years inside the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Quezon City, is now preoccupied for his Political Campaign since his acquittal.
Bong Revilla / Photo from PeP
Ethel Booba To Revilla’s Senatorial Candidacy: ‘Kuha po kayo ng NBI clearance’

Agot Isidro was not the only celebrity who had something to say about Revilla. Previously, Ethel Booba also jested when Revilla filed his certificate of candidacy for senator despite being detained at the time. His wife, Lani Mercado, and son Jolo filed his COC for him.

Citing a news post about Revilla’s COC filing, Ethel quipped: “Kuha po kayo ng NBI Clearance sa counter 6 (Get the NBI clearance at counter 6). Charot!”

Ethel’s post prompted inquiries from netizens why there wasn’t such a requirement for political candidates when such clearances are needed to apply for a job.

A netizen by the name of Isay Arzubal (@Corridoio_Verde) on twitter was among those who thought the lack of qualifications for candidates was simply unjust.

“unfair db?! Silang me mga kaso pede mag apply ng trabaho pero tayong ordinary pinoy ang dami kailangan!!!! Partida naka kulong pa yan!”, the tweet read


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