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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bedan Lawyer Brilliantly Transferred The Credit Of Returning The Balangiga Bells To Hontiveros

Atty. Bruce Rivera | Sen. Risa Hontiveros
After 117 years, the Balangiga Bells are finally returned by the US to the Philippines. The bells arrived at Villamor airbase last Tuesday. For a lot of Filipinos, they are saying that they never would have heard or known about the bells if President Rodrigo Duterte did not mention it in his SONA, and if he did not repeatedly mention it in his speeches. A lot of past presidents and administration has also come to past during that 117 years, but we only got it now.


Naturally, people will give credit to the president even though he doesn't want it. Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo also said that the bells were returned because of the strong political will of Duterte. However, one senator didn't like this. Senator Risa Hontiveros spoke up and said that Duterte cannot take sole credit for the return of Balangiga bells.

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo from Sentry

Lash back

Lawyer and social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera wrote an open letter scolding Hontiveros about just that. Firstly, he assured the senator that of course, President Duterte will not claim sole credit for the return of the Balangiga bells. This is even after he conveniently mentioned it in his SONA, and the previous president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III didn't, because he was so busy blaming the one before him, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

True credits

Hontiveros said that we should also credit the religious leader who gave tireless efforts to get the bells back, but Rivera sarcastically said that we should really be thanking the priests of the church who put up the bells in the first place, because if not for them, nothing would have been taken, much more returned.

The Balangiga Bells | Photo from GMA

He also said we should thank the miners who mined the minerals to make the bells, the people who died in Balangiga during the war, the brut-l American colonizers, the soldiers who fought in the war, all the presidents who DID NOT as for the bells return, and the people who had possession of the bells all this time, for not ruining it and just keeping it.

Most important credit

Lastly, he gave credit to those who are saying that PRD cannot take credit like Senator Hontiveros. How about now, do you think Hontiveros is now happy with the distribution of credits?

Atty. Bruce's Full post reads:


Madame, of course President Duterte will not claim sole credit for the return of the Balangiga bells. While it is PRD who conveniently remembered to mention the same in his SONA because PNoy was so busy blaming GMA, he forgot about the bells. And we understand PNoy, if he cannot remember de-d SAF soldiers, how will he remember the Bala...what?

But just to be clear, let me enumerate to you some of those we should give credit for the return of the Balangiga bells.

To the priests of the church who placed the bells there. If not for them, it would not have been taken and we would not have seen its return.

To the miners who mined the minerals to make the bell and the artisans who created the bell. If they did not create such beautiful bells, the Americans would have just taken it and sold it in some scrap and metal store in Quiapo or worst, cut it to pieces and made it into a national costume.

To the people of Balangiga who died. Their sacrifice made the Americans take the bell as a souvenir of their victory.

To the brut-l American colonizers, if not for their brut-lity, they would have stopped at mass killing the poor Filipinos of Balangiga.

But no, they took the bells to taunt every Filipino as if telling them, “Yes we can murder you but worst, we take your bells as well”. If they did not take it, nothing will be returned.

To the soldiers who were partially deaf after days of loud machine gun and cannon fire sounds, thank you. When your commander told you, “Cut off their balls!!”, what you heard was “cut off their bells!!”.

To all the past Presidents who never asked for its return or did not demand for its return for fear that Uncle Sam will not like it, we give credit for your restraint so that it will be PRD who will take the credit. Thank you for your tact.

To the persons who had possession of the bells, we give credit for holding on to it so we will not be able to watch it in an episode of Pawn Stars, thank you.

And lastly, to all people who are saying that PRD cannot take sole credit, we also give credit for saying he should not take sole credit because taking credit should not be someone’s credit but for everyone’s credit that we give credit where credit is due and that we do not take credit because credit is good but we need cash.

Happy now, Madame???

Bruce V. Rivera


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Source: Atty. Bruce | Facebook