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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Bedan lawyer explains why CNN is glorifying Ressa like a martyr

Composite photos of Atty. Bruce Rivera and Maria Ressa from Philippine News and CBC
Atty. Bruce Rivera cries foul after CNN international made a misleading headline on Maria Ressa’s tax evasion case. Now facing the consequences, Ressa declares harassment and depriving press freedom, linking her case to alleged malicious accusations against the government, Duterte particularly.


Still all praises to Ressa for exposing Jemaah Islamiyah and Osama Bin Laden connection, he asserts that he has every reason to be mad to the known journalist. For him, it is so unjust to paint the Philippines under a state of siege when it is so obvious that democracy and freedom are still alive.

Democracy Is Not Dead 

To prove, Audie Gemora’s video went viral, the Makabayan bloc files case against the military and every bad publicity that points out to President Duterte is willingly covered by the mainstream media. Even every nonsensical press conferences of opposition reach the standard of media to spread.

CNN Hates Trump 

Bruce finds CNN’s hatred of Trump and Trump admiring Duterte as a reason to put the president into a bad light. He concluded that the CNN is using Ressa as a medium to create hate. The lawyer came up with such conclusion with a simple logic. If the media outlet plays fair and square, they should have declared the real story behind Ressa’s case and not drag the issue of the drug war. Which, in fact, is an obvious matter in the Philippines. He then believes that there is a reason behind why CNN left out the claims on unpaid taxes.

Ressa Is A Free Journalist 

Rivera reckons,

“If the President or the government wants to harass Ressa, why allow her to speak or give her the reason to speak?”

He believes that the government gives Ressa the liberty to tell the world her woes and play as the victim just like how she wants to be perceived. He frankly speaks about Duterte on not being actually brutal. Otherwise, Ressa won’t be alive today to announce her agony to everyone.

Read the complete Facebook post of Bruce V. Rivera below:

CNN International made this post

She exposed Duterte's drug war, now she faces prison in the Philippines.

And I have every reason to be mad. We all know that Ressa was part of CNN before she joined ABS-CBN and later on, Rappler. And I am not denying Ressa's contribution to exposing Jemaah Islamiyah and the link to Osama Bin-Laden.
Photo from Rappler
However, this is something I feel is unfair to the Phillppines. It paints a picture of a state that is under siege when we are in fact very free and very democratic. Duterte did not stop dissent. Audie Gemora's rant goes viral, Makabayan bloc files raps against the military and it is covered by media, almost everything bad against Duterte is published by all media outfit including Rappler, the opposition hold regular "mema" press conferences and they are given space in mainstream media.

But why is CNN glorifying Ressa like a martyr. First of all, if Trumps hates CNN and vice versa, I really do not care. I do not like Trump either and for good reason. But it is not Duterte's fault that Trump made open his admiration for PRD. Perhaps, Trump is doing it because Obama made a judgment error in prematurely calling out Duterte on a matter of a Philippine domestic issue and Trump wants to piss off Obama. And since CNN hates Trump and Trump loves PRD, they have decided to hate PRD as well. And yes, CNN is using Ressa to make that happen.

Why is that my conclusion? Simple explanation. If CNN played fair, the headline should have included the tax evasion charges and not dwell on the fact that she exposed the drug war.

The drug war of PRD does not need any expose. It was exposed to begin with. Ressa was not the superhero journalist who informed the world about something that we already know. Duterte was very vocal about it in his campaign and thereafter. It was not a secret hidden to the outside world.

However, what the world does not know is that Ressa was head of a media company with foreign ownership, an act not allowed by law because that is tantamount to intervention if foreigner control mass media in the Philippines. And yes we hate intervention that is why CNN is so incensed of the Russia-Trump connection but it totally leaves out the Ressa-Omidyar link in the story. And the fact that there has been unpaid taxes is conveniently left out.

The truth is, if the President or the government wants to harass Ressa, why allow her to speak or give her the reason to speak? Or better yet, why give her the reason to be contoversial so she can go out to the world and tell them of her woes like the victim she wants the world to see her?

And then you will realize, she was never harassed. If it was true that PRD is brutal, she would not have lived another day to tell her victim tale. And the fact that she is alive, loud as ever negates the very things she is saying. The reality is:

The only way the state will be antagonistic on anyone is when you break its laws.
Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, photo from Reuters
Source: Bruce V. Rivera