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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Closing 2018 with a bang? A Dark Year Ender

Composite photo of Nicanor Faeldon, Atty. Glenn Chong and his aide Richard Santillan, and Budget Sec. Benjamin Diokno
An OFW doctor who deeply cares for the country took to social media and expressed her opinion on the recent sinister events that happened to end the year. She thinks that the incidents were well planned, well hatched attacks to ruin the government and President Duterte.

Sinister Year Ender

Rolaiza Mimi Singayao, a Maranao doctor now based in Oman, shared her views on Facebook, saying that contrary to what others are arguing that the opposition, or the COMELEC and Smartmatic couldn’t have done it because they are the “usual suspects”, there is a good possibility that the masterminds of this sinister events are incredulously connected to the “usual suspects.”

The murd3r of Richar Santillan, the alleged drg case of Nicanor Faeldon Jr, and the alleged corruption of DBM secretary Doikno happened in a span of a week, and it all seem to point out one thing, that Duterte’s police and trusted men are corrupt, and not to be trusted.

The Motives

Singayao explained that Santillan’s de4th is a message that those who advocate election fraud should be scared. Faeldon Jr.’s arrest is aimed to revive the drg allegation of his father, while the corruption allegations against Diokno was a move to malign the president’s choice of trusted men.

Media Woes

According to Singayao, all of these incidents are magnified with the media bombarding the people with news about how evil and how bad the Duterte administration is faring this year. It is a clever plot to prime the people’s mind going into the new year.
Photo from Singayao's Facebook post
It doesn’t help that the media arm of the government, the PCOO is useless. They lack the grit and are just riding out the attacks without retaliation.

There’s Hope

Dim as it may seem, Singayao delights in the fact that because of social media, we have learned to express our opinions and not rely on the views of the so-called journalists. She calls out to all the people in social media, to let their opinions be seen, and heard.

Because what we all say matters, and that is the very essence of empowerment.

Read the complete Facebook of Rolaiza Mimi Singayao below:


Hindi eto mga simpleng operations lang. It's most likely, a well-hatched YEAR ENDER attacks against government and President Duterte.

Some argue that the opposition, 
Smartmatic and Comelec don't have a hand on it because they are the usual suspects.

But then, crafters of crimes and ploys can also effectively hide by being incredulously close to the usual suspects.
Atty. Chong and the late Santillan, photo from Facebook
There have been incidents in the past few days, that exposed weaknesses in the police force with the President being indirectly and severely criticized in his choices of trusted men.

The attacks made on the alleged corruption by DBM Secretary Diokno, related to the 'hostaging' of the 2019 Budget in Congress and the 2 incidents involving Richard Red Santillan and Nicanor Jr.'s alleged drg-related cases are just too closely spaced for comfort.

The kllng of Red Santillan is a message that a war has been declared against those who exposed and are advocating against election fraud. While the recent raid in Naga looks like an obvious hit on Bureau of Corrections Chief Nicanor Faeldon to perpetuate the impression of his being 'in the drg trade.' And on the Legislative Branch, actions made to surely have an impact by a Resolution to demolish and render weak the credibility of a Cabinet Secretary.

It sure look like palatable scenes to characterize that Duterte's men and police are corrupt and weak.
Photo from Singayao's Facebook post
All of these were unfolding while the world is being served with a face in a magazine cover. Coincidence? Oh, how unlucky we are!

Happening at a time where rehashed news (year enders) are gimmickry standards to bombard society with how bad a govt fared in 2018. It's the usual psychological priming at a time when people wants to be reflective before a new year sets in.

One of our weaknesses is that we have a lousy PCOO who has been on a lethargic and free-boarder mode since President Duterte took office until now. Just riding out the attacks, banking on the Old Man's popularity, political brilliance, character and grit.

DO NOT DESPAIR, THOUGH. Our presence and involvement in social media are undeniable forces that have evolved and transformed how the events and stories get to be told. We are recorders and storytellers of our own lives as Filipinos in whichever community we are now.

We get to express our opinions and tell our side of things NOT dependent anymore nor standing only at the receiving end of whatever the "journalists" put out.

Do your laundry, get the children to school, do your day and night jobs, make love, break your heart or leg, etc. then, get back here and let out your support against terrorism, cruelty to children, attacks against the Lumads, criminality, corruption and the endless churning out of lies and deceit.

Just get back here whenever you can. Because you matter. What you say matters. Get that? Yes, that's empowerment.

The President said in his first SONA that he needs us to be informed, engaged and involved. Let's do that. Let us be.
Photo from Singayao's Facebook post
Ok, I've got to do some dancing. See you, all tomorrow. Or in a while.

Source: Rolaiza Mimi Singayao

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