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Monday, December 3, 2018

Davao del Norte Gov: 'Ocampo and his group went to Lumads without our consent'

Arrested former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro and Davao del Norte Governor Anthony del Rosario / compiled photo from Google

Slowly reports are coming in from Davao del Norte and it seems to be pointing to a fault on the leftist group led by former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo.
Davao del Norte Governor Anthony Del Rosario was interviewed by ANC this morning said that the group lead by Satur Ocampo was stopped at a checkpoint in Talaingod town because they went to Salugpongan Lumad School without his consent.

No clear purpose declared
Del Rosario said that he was not in his office in the capitol when Ocampo, ACT-Teachers Rep. France Castro, and the rest of their compatriots were asking for consent or permission from the governor to be allowed to go to the school for Lumad children.
"My administrator was able to relay to me the request of Mr. Satur for a written consent for him to go up to Talaingod. I denied the request for a written consent simply because it was not clear to me what his purpose was for going there," the Governor said.
"I wanted first to talk to him but unfortunately it turned out he decided to go that evening without our consent. As a result he was stopped at the checkpoint. With regards to the consent, we never gave him the consent," Del Rosario said added.
Ocampo has a different story to tell, according to him they tried to make contact with Governor Del Rosario last Tuesday but was not able to reach him.
Urgent rescue of teachers and students 
Wednesday night despite no consent to go to Salugpongan Lumad School, they decided to proceed with the delivery of the food. They received reports that aside from a supply blockade supposedly being done by the military, the school was padlocked by paramilitary troops, forcing teachers and students to flee in the dark of the night.*
Ocampo reiterated that they had to go in because of the emergency the situation had presented on that moment, and they proceeded in the area to make a rescue for the teachers and the students.
The former Bayan Muna leader and his group was arrested and detained at the Talaingod police station for alleged kidnapping and human trafficking. They were only formally charged on Thursday morning.
On Saturday, December 1, Ocampo and the members of his group were released from detention after posting a bail of  P1.44 million at P80,000 each for the 18 accused.
Aside from Ocampo and Castro, the 16 others who were released temporarily included Pastor Edgar Ugal, Pastor Eller A. Ordeza, Rev. Ryan C. Magpayo, Rev. Jurie Jaime, Meggie Nolasco, Jesus Modamo, Maryro Poquita, Maria Concepcion Ibarra, Jenveive Paraba, Merhaya Talledo, Maricel Andagkit, Marcial Rendon, Ariel Ansan, Mariane Aga, Nerfa Awing, and Wingwing Daunsay.
Lumad school defying the prescribed DepEd curriculum
Governor Del Rosario in his interview with ANC said that the Salugpongan school for Lumad children in Talaingod town had already been in existence for at least 10 years.
However, the governor revealed that he has received reports from the military that the school has erred away from the prescribed DepEd curriculum and has introduced and taught Lumad children “pro-left” subjects.*
"We have been getting reports from the Philippine Army that they have not been following the DepEd curriculum, na meron ho silang sariling curriculum na tinuturo sa mga bata which is from my understanding is pro-Left, and that is a concern," Governor Del Rosario said.
"The order for closure was from the local government of Talaingod. This is being supported by the tribal councils of the area. These are schools located in tribal areas not being chaired by DepEd," he added
ACT-Teachers Rep. Castro denies the claim of Governor Del Rosario and claims that the Salugpongan's curriculum was approved by the government.
“Hindi naman totoo iyan. Actually ito (school) ay government recognized, pati iyung curriculum nito," the party-list lawmaker told radio DZMM.”
As of press time the Makabayan bloc said they will file countercharges once everything is settled in facing the charges against Satur and his group.

Photo of former Bayan Muna Rep Satur Ocampo and ACT Teacher Rep. France Castro after released from detention / photo by Karapatan Mindanao

 Source: ABS CBN