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Friday, December 14, 2018

Duterte to Pope Francis: "Itong pope ngayon, progressive 'to. Saludo talaga ako dito."

President Rodrigo Duterte and Pope Francis. Image combined credit to File photo and The Vatican News
President Rodrigo Duterte salutes Pope Francis in spite of his continuous tirade to Filipino priests.

During his speech at the Mella Hotel in Las PiƱas City, he said that he believe in the current Pope.

"Itong pope ngayon, progressive 'to. Diyan ako, bilib ako. Saludo talaga ako dito," Duterte said.

Pope Francis waves to the faithful from his Popemobile as his motorcade leaves the Presidential Palace. Image and caption
credit to BBC.com
Duterte curses Pope Francis over traffic

In 2015, Duterte  made headlines for allegedly cursing Pope Francis over traffic in Metro Manila. This happened when the pontiff made his visit in the country.

"Pope, you son of a -----, why don't you go home," he said.

Duterte clarified that it was the traffic he was pertaining to not the pontiff.

Duterte attacks Catholic Church

The President continuous attack to the  Catholic Church made headlines since he start of his presidency because of his goal to eliminate drugs.

Duterte said in the end, they will still meet in hell.

"Tutal, sino man maniwala na magpunta kayo ng langit?...You're dreaming. Ay lahat tayo magkita-kita sa impiyerno, kabaklaan ninyong mga p***** i** kayo," he said.


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Source: ABS-CBN