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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Duterte to priests: 'If you wish me to die in a Mass, eh bakit ako hindi makasalita? ‘Di kayo rin'

On Thursday, during his speech in  Las Piñas City, President Rodrigo Duterte defended his remarks against the bishops who always criticize his government, citing a priest who wished him ill during a Mass for opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in September.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from GMA Network

Sabi ko, ‘patayin mo ‘yang mga obispo na ‘yan.’ Kung sila mismo sa misa nila, in a Mass there — I think it was Trillanes who was there. Sabi ng pari, ‘Sana mamatay na ito si Duterte,'” the President said.

Kung kayong mga pari, mga obispo, mga p***** i** kayo, if you can say that to me, wish me to die in a Mass, eh bakit ako hindi makasalita? ‘Di kayo rin (Why would I not say anything? You do that to me),” he added.

The President was referring to Father Noel Gatchalian who joked that he had prayed for Duterte to get sick during a Mass for Trillanes.
Father Noel Gatchalian / Photo from his Facebook account

The senator was then holed up at the Senate building when Duterte revoked his amnesty in September.

Noon pong marami nang kaguluhan ang nangyayari, na winawalanghiya pati ang ating relihiyon, binabastos pati ang ating Diyos, sinasabi ng ating Simbahan na magdasal. Sabi ko o sige magdasal, kaya pinagdasal ko na magkasakit si Digong,” the priest said.

Duterte, who has been mocking the Catholic Church,  said the clergymen would not go to heaven after their death as they are mostly gay.

Sino man maniwala na magpunta kayo ng langit? You’re dreaming. Lahat tayo magkita-kita sa impiyerno, kabaklaan ninyong mga p***** i** kayo. Eighty-five percent of them are homosexual. Alam ninyo ‘yan. Iyong ibang naiwan na 15 (percent), ayun, nagkakalat sa mundo,” he said.

It can also be remembered that Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo who keeps on attacking the President said that God did not make Duterte president. It was 16 million voters who made him president.
Bishop Socrates Villegas and Bishop Broderick Pabillo / Composite photos from Philippine republic news and CBCP Online

God did not give us (Rodrigo) Duterte to be our President. Rather, the 16 million voters who voted for him did,” Pabillo said.

Former President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Socrates Villegas was also one of those very critical to Duterte. In a quote, he said “They are killing our flock. They are killing us shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary.”

Duterte drew the ire of the public for calling God “stupid” and questioning the creation theory in the Bible. However, he clarified that he was not referring to the same God of the Catholic Church. Duterte said that his God is different from them.

"I didn't say that my God is stupid. I said my God is not your God because your God is stupid. Mine has a lot of common sense," Duterte said.

"Ako, I believe that is a universal mind. But to what extent is the influence of that… You know, I cannot picture Him as a human being in the image of God," he said.

"I… But I really believe there’s a… I have this faith and abiding thing about... Pero ‘yang relihiyon? Sus maniwala kayo diyan. Tama ‘yung ano mo…" he added.

Source: Inquirer