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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. Upset Over UN’s Claim That Roxas Did Well In The Yolanda Relief Operations

DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. couldn’t hide his disbelief after hearing from UN officials that former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas has done a good job in handling the Yolanda relief work. He dismissed their claims and rebutted that if Roxas really did a good job, he should’ve won the presidential elections, but he lost. And he lost badly.
Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr and former DILG Mar Roxas / Composite photos from Rappler

Well Done?

In a post he shared on Twitter, the foreign affairs chief recounted that during his very first UN conference, officials from the UN praised Roxas for handling the Yolanda situation fairly well. 
The officials added that it was not Roxas but the civil society and the multilateral aid agencies who grabbed foreign donations.

In fact, United Nations (UN) officials said at my first UN conference that Yolanda relief was well done by Mar but f***** up by civil society and multilateral busybodies from abroad all grabbing,” Locsin tweeted.

I said, ‘Well done?’ Now you say ‘Well done?’ He f****** lost the election,” he added.
Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr's tweet

He couldn’t believe what he just heard and rebutted that Roxas lost the elections, which is a clear proof that the people don’t trust him and his handling of the Yolanda situation. His monumental mismanagement of the Yolanda relief operation caused his downfall in the 2016 elections.

Rise And Fall Of Mar Roxas

There was a time when Mar Roxas was seen as the apparent heir to the presidential throne. In 2004, he topped the senatorial elections with a vote of over 19 million, however, instead of focusing on serving the people, he focused on his political ambition, and caused his downfall. He lost the Vice President race to Jejomar Binay in 2010, and wounded up a very far second to Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 presidential race.

He was the Interior secretary when the Yolanda tragedy happened. He faced a lot of criticisms on his mishandling of the Yolanda situation, especially in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of affected areas. A 2015 report by COA stated that the DILG did not achieve the desired level of preparedness needed for the Yolanda relief work.

A Senate Seat

Amid the Yolanda issue, Mar Roxas is eyeing a seat in the Senate in the coming 2019 elections. He has vehemently denied any wrongdoing in the Yolanda situation and maintained his innocence on the criticisms hurled against him. Let the voters decide.

Source: Twitter