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Former Interior Secretary to Paolo Duterte on ‘OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT’: ‘Whoever prepared the list must revalidate’

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Former Interior Secretary Rafael Moreno Alunan III, on Saturday, reacts on former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte’s earlier leakage on the alleged existence of an ‘Opposition Network’ seeking to unseat his father, President Rodrigo Duterte from office and destabilize the administration.

Alunan, in his Facebook post, announced in all ALL CAPS, urging entities behind the valuable information that Paolo possessed must ‘revalidate’ such facts since it included names of de*d and non – essential people.

Paolo “Pulong” earlier posted on his Facebook page a copy of the list, entitled “ANTI – ADMINISTRATION GROUP, OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT”, with a short caption that said, “Gisend ra ni sa akoa ha... Share lang nako kay para bibo...” (This was only given to me, I’d like to share this for FUN).

Among those included in the ‘list’ are prominent government officials, Catholic prelates, business moguls, military officials and even “Millennial students studying at Jesuit-run schools”.
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He then pursued on his post through a series of his own comments, saying, “there's no denying that there's been an "oust duterte" plot since 2016 but some names here are quite surprising. bishop labayen passed away several years ago. carmen pedrosa is with pagcor. jim and ducky paredes are two different people. noted P1-B in parentheses beside the name of imelda nicolas. noted media personalities; no media outlets involved? how about the classification "mutant" - what does that mean? some business names are brow raising, others are not. how about overseas linkages? while leaking the info has preemptive value, its incompleteness allows others to escape scrutiny and surveillance.”

“Sa ibang bansa sa rehiyon, at sa mga advanced countries sa europa at north america, ang kanilang internal security act will allow for preventive detention para ligtas ang human right ng kanilang mga lipunan to live in peace, safety and security,” he added.

Many of Alunan’s followers found his post relatively credible as majority of whom, if not all, including Alunan himself are one of the President’s detractors.

Here's screenshot image of  “ANTI – ADMINISTRATION GROUP, OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT list posted from Paolo Duterte Facebook:
Screenshot image from Paolo Duterte Facebook
Screenshot image from Paolo Duterte Facebook
Screenshot image from Paolo Duterte Facebook
A Netizen by the name of Leo D. Venezuela commented, “The inaccuracy of the list makes it patently dubious.”

Zandz Gallardo made quite the ridicule of the list, saying, “Wow. Naka Excel ang matrix. Impressive. All the hallmarks of veracity are there for the willingly credulous to see. Sorry but for such serious allegations we need substantiation greater than a say so and a matrix on excel.”

Other Celebrities from among the list, one including TV Personality Jim Paredes follow suit via Twitter, with a hashtag #NoToDruggiesNews, saying, “Bishop Julio Labayen is on the list of the “ANTI – ADMINISTRATION GROUP, OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT” announced by Polong Duterte. Wikipedia says Bishop Labayen, OCD died on 27 April 2016 at 6:52am. Slow down on the brownies pls.”

Solon’s Take ‘Red October Plot’

From a grandiose conspiracy involving groups critical of the Duterte regime — from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the Liberal Party (LP) and Magdalo group, to broad left - leaning coalitions like the Movement Against Tyranny, Coalition for Justice, and Tindig Pilipinas — the Armed Forces of the Philippines have also previously expanded the plot that included 18 colleges and universities in NCR whose students are supposedly being indoctrinated by communists through films about martial law.

Meanwhile, on Teddy Casiño’s opinion with the ballyhooed ‘Red October’ ouster plot, the former Bayan Muna Representative is convinced that such conspiracy has no substantial PROOF or EVIDENCE it would or have ever occured. In his opinion, the plot remained ill – defined since, in the first place, “what right-minded leftist would name such a subversive plot that way, unless he/she wants to be discovered right away? ‘Oplan Gumamela’ would have been much more credible.”

Casiño maintains that no proof or evidence was ever presented of the conspiracy, save for the usual “intelligence reports” and “computer files” that were all confidential and never shown to the public.

Adding that, “not even the NBI or the Philippine National Police could confirm the AFP’s outlandish and ever-expanding story line.”


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Source's: Rafael Alunan , Politiko