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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Former Presidential assistant reveals traits of Duterte that the Philippines should be thankful for

Throughout the history of the Philippines, we have been accustomed to seeing politicians especially those who are seated in high positions like the presidency and the vice presidency who are crooked and are just there making promises and never really keeping any of them. For some, they are seated on top and they cannot be bothered by the problems of those who are below them.
Presidential Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Inquirer

Then came change

Netizen Imee Callao shared a Facebook post from former presidential assistant Jose Alejandrino where he revealed some traits of Duterte that the Philippines should be thankful for.

In the post, he said that he knows things about Duterte but he won't reveal them. But he proceeded in saying that he knows that Duterte is a good man. When he says that he doesn't care about the presidency, he really doesn't. That alone separates him from the traditional politicians that we got used to.

God saw his heart

Despite his rough exterior, Alejandrino believes that God chose Duterte because He saw the goodness in the president's heart. He is not perfect, but he cares about the people who are poor and downtrodden.
Former Presidential assistant for economic affairs during President Fidel Ramos / Photo from Facebook

It eats him inside each time he loses people especially the soldiers and the policemen who put their lives on the line to serve their duties.

He is hated because he is different

Despite this, he has gone through countless black propaganda from people who want to see him fall. His enemies hate him because he is different, big businesses cannot buy him, crooks cannot fool him and oligarchs fear him.

So they result in trying to make him fall. Trying to see him in a crooked way such as themselves, which do not work because the president only ran out of duty more than conviction. His love for the country is enough to wish him well and to show his enemies how it should be done.

Read the full post below:


I happen to know certain things about Rodrigo Duterte which most people don't know and which I will not reveal.

Suffice to tell you, whether you believe me or not, that Duterte is a good man, a man I trust, a man of God despite his rough ways.

When he says he doesn't care for the presidency, he really doesn't. When he says he will step down, I know he will.

If he ran for the presidency, he did it out of duty more than conviction. Out of duty because he truly loves his country. Someone had to do the dirty work of cleaning the country of corruption, of illegal drugs, of bringing peace to Mindanao. That was his mission. Once we have transited to a new constitutional order, he will step down.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Presidential Communications

What we have in Duterte is a man completely different from the average politician. What you see in Duterte is what you get. He is not perfect. He can be a joker. He loves to play tricks. But Duterte is an honest man, despite all the black propaganda thrown against him. He is also a compassionate man who cares for the poor and downtrodden. He cares for the soldiers and policemen who die in their line of duty. It eats him inside each time he loses one of them. He has a relentless hatred of corruption and drugs.

God has seen into Rodrigo's heart and I believe the Lord, too, found it good. As I said, I believe he is the David of the Lord.

His enemies hate him because he is different. Big business cannot buy him. Crooked politicians cannot penetrate him. Crooked government officials cannot fool him. Oligarchs fear him. They don't understand his mind because they see him in their own image. Their crooked image. And that is their first mistake.

How do you fathom someone like Duterte? You don't. You just adjust to him. It's his way or the highway. - Jose Alejandrino"