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Monday, December 17, 2018

From Nanny to Beauty Queen? Miss Vietnam humble beginnings revealed

Miss Universe Vietnam was a house helper before becoming a model. Image combined credit to Facebook and Business Wire
Miss Universe Vietnam Top 5 finalist H'Hen Niê's success story is very inspiring, most especially for Miss Universe dreamers.

According to sources, in an early age they have work to help the family. Hhen is the third among six brothers. 
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H'Hen Niê worked in a coffee farm at an early age. In Vietnam they have their tradition and culture, that they develop in families. At the age of 14, her family pushes her to marry. But, she broke this tradition to focus on her dreams.

She tried to sustain her studies. When she finished high school, she became a domestic helper for one year to finance college. When he became intern in a bank, she was offered to be a model. And after college, a Vietnamese designer, Đỗ Mạnh Cường, discovered her in 2014 where her modelling career began.

Due to her modelling experience, she joined the season 6 of Vietnam's Next Top Model in 2015 and was blessed to be one of the finalists.

And when she joined the Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017, it was remarkable that she was so beautiful because of her unique color and hair as opposed to the usual beauty queen from their country.

Image credit to the owner

Image credit to the owner

She is the first 'Rade person' or ethnic minority in their country to be nominated as Miss Universe Vietnam. H'Hen was very impressed by the fact that she immediately gave his prize from the Miss Universe Vietnam to the scholarship and school of their poor.

She is also the global ambassador of the Room to read program of their country who intends to learn to read and study girls. H'Hen could have been a great success in her Miss Universe stint because she entered the top 5 of the world's prestigious competition.

Hhen was one of the Top 5 finalist in the Miss Universe 2018 competition held in Bangkok, Thailand.

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