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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Is There A News Blackout On The Case Of Glenn Chong’s Aid?: "None of the major media outlets are reporting it"

 Richard Santillan | Photos from Google

Not a few people were wondering why the major media outlets are all silent about the case of Richard Santillan, the close-in aide and bodyguard of election reform advocate Atty. Glenn Chong. There is something amiss about the whole issue, from the police report to the allegations against the slain bodyguard.

News Blackout

Sherry Zimmer, an American who lives in Zambales and does humanitarian work for the Aetas, posted in her Facebook page and wondered how the media seem to in the dark regarding the de4th of Glenn Chong’s bodyguard and friend, Richard Santillan.

Screengrabbed copy of Zimmer's post

She also noticed that report given by the police that a shootout happened were inconsinent with the bullet marks found in Glenn Chon’s car. It was highly improbable for a gunman to shoot without even opening the windows of the car, yet the picture of the car shows the windows were all closed.


Zimmer also mentioned reports from the Business Mirror that there seem to be an attempt to cover up the murd3r. According to police spot reports, Santillan’s de4th was a result of an “encounter”, meaning the slain bodyguard shot it out with the police.

The police further alleged that Santillan was a member of Highway Boys Group, a syndicate operating in Taytay, Cainta, and Pasig. They also claimed to have found in the possession of Santillan three packets of sh4bu, unregistered firearms, and a grenade.

Like A Brother

Atty. Glenn Chong |  Richard Santillan | Photo from PhilNews
Atty. Glenn Chong vehemently denied all the accusations of the police regarding his friend and bodyguard. He treat him as a brother, and he swore that Santillan is clean as can be. Chong was with him almost all the time. The evidence found on his aide, can be easily planted according to Chong.

Chong said that the de4th of his close friend and aide is a clear message from enemies to scare him to stop his fight against election fraud, and he pointed out to COMELEC and SMARTMATIC as the ones who want him silenced. He bravely said he will not be scared, and that they will not prevail.

Sherry Zimmer's full post reads:


I have searched for more information concerning the m-rder of Atty. Glenn Chong’s friend and driver, Richard Santillan and it does appear that there is a blackout – none of the major media outlets are even reporting it. 

The pictures I have seen, of the car, do not seem to match the report by the police, in that, if I was shooting at anyone, I would have the damned window open and the windows are closed. If I had been a police officer, I would have shot out the tires of the vehicle.

A comment from netizen Melchor Magdamo:

“Look closely at the trajectory of the bullet holes from front door to rear door. The trajectories are "convex" in focus which means snipers from the front were aiming for Richard's front while snipers from the rear were aiming for Richard's back = all bullets converging into Richard's body. That proves that the conspiring band of m-rderers, with obvious political premeditation and criminal treachery, were ready with a precise ambush plan to assassinate an attestable honorable person and terrorize an iconic crusader who holds the strongest evidence proving grand scale nationwide cheating by Comelec and Smartmatic.”

Another friend’s post informed me that Chief Roberto Fajardo HPG was the Chief of the police involved in the Kian shooting and now is now involved in this case.

The only article I have found is this one from BiIiran Island and they picked it up from Business Mirror.


LAWYER Glenn Chong, an election reform advocate and now senatorial aspirant, cried foul over police allegations that his slain bodyguard is a member of a syndicate, and described the alleged “encounter” as orchestrated by lawmen.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency on Tuesday, Chong claimed his aide Richard Y. Santillan was m-rdered, contrary to police report that he figured in an early Monday dawn ambush.

“Nakita ko yung sasakyan ko (I saw my car), it was riddled with bullets,” Chong said.

In his Facebook post Monday, Chong dared people to look at his car to determine if “it was an encounter or an ambush”.

He said his aide was allegedly ambushed by the police in Cainta, Rizal.

He added that he and Santillan were together in Naga City for some political activities related to his senatorial bid, but the latter sought permission to leave ahead for a gift-giving engagement for indigent children on Sunday in Cainta, Rizal.

“Ang ginagawa po niya, pumupunta po siya sa mga schools na may mahihirap na mga bata. Tapos pinasusulat niya ng wish list for Christmas. Tapos, he and our group requested our friends for the gifts, na idi-distribute niya. Sunday, he was scheduled to distribute it, kaya pinayagan ko siya na umuwi na mauna(What he does is that he goes to schools where there are poor school children. Then, he requests the kids to write their wish list for Christmas. Then, he and our group request our friends for the gifts which he would later distribute. Sunday, he was scheduled to distribute it, that’s why I allowed him to leave ahead of me),” Chong said.

He said Santillan was with a group of police, fire, jail officers and army at that time for the gift-giving activities.

He claimed his aide was allegedly m-rdered by the police at around 2 a.m. on December 10 in Cainta, Rizal, based on a video they have obtained.

According to Chong, the video footage showed there were patrol cars in front and at the back of Santillan’s car, contrary to the police spot report that his aide engaged lawmen in a shootout.

“That’s against human nature kung alam mong may patrol car sa harap, may patrol car sa likod (if you are aware you have a patrol car in front, and a patrol car at the back),” he said.

He also belied police claims they found in Santillan’s possession three packets of shabu, adding that “when the victim is d-ad you can always plant evidence there.”

He also pointed some loopholes in the police spot report on allegations that Santillan was a suspected member of the Highway Boys Group which operates in Taytay, Cainta and Pasig City.

“Papatunayan ko sa husgado na si Richard Santillan ay katabi ko halos 24/7. Lahat ng kaibigan ko, kilala si Richard Santillan. Kung si Bong Go ay kay Pangulo, si Richard Santillan naman kay Glenn Chong [ I will prove in court that Richard Santillan is practically with me 24/7. All of my friends know Richard Santillan. If Bong Go is with President Duterte, then Richard Santillan is with Glenn Chong],” read Chong’s post on his FB account.

“In my eight years, even in my associations with politicians and high-profile persons [they] know that Richard is always with me, and I also introduced him to the “big” personages, because I treat him as a brother,” Chong said.

He also confirmed that he gifted Santillan with a Gloc firearm registered under his aide’s name and that Santillan may not have brought the registered firearm with him during the incident. Chong suspects the firearms and a grenade were planted as these were reportedly found in his aide’s possession.

He added that to his knowledge, Santillan had no known “enemies” except some people in Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Chong had been a thorn in Smartmatic’s side since the 2010 elections, when it won the Comelec bidding to provide the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) for the country’s first automated elections. Chong was among the first and most consistent critics of the PCOS system, which he said could be gamed.

“Malinaw ang mensahe nito sa akin. Wala akong ibang kalaban maliban sa sindikatong riding in tandem – ang Comelec at Smartmatic. Ito lang ang tanging anggulo na nakikita ko. Tinatakot nila ako at gusto nila akong pilayan by going after the people na malapit sa akin. HINDI SILA MAGWAWAGI [The message is clear to me. I have no known enemy except the syndicate riding in tandem—Comelec and Smartmatic. This is the only angle I can see here. They are trying to scare me and are paralyzing me by getting rid of people around me. THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED],” he said.

A police spot report said Santillan was driving Chong’s car when still unidentified assailants peppered the car with bullets, killing him instantly in what police reported as an “encounter”.

Reports said there were 30 bullet holes in the car, and Chong said the incident proved the attackers were keen on killing their target.

Chong is known to be an election reform advocate and was the one who exposed the alleged anomaly in the 2016 vice-presidential race between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos.

He added that Smartmatic had a hand in the cheating and that he was relentless in his pursuit of the truth when he testified about the alleged electoral fraud in both Senate and House hearings.

A summary report on Monday from the Cainta Municipal Police Station said “at about 1 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2018, the Highway Patrol Group (HPG)-Provincial Highway Patrol Team (PHPT)- Rizal conducted a spot operation in Barangay San Andres, Cainta, Rizal where they chanced upon one unit of Toyota Fortuner with plate number NOF 845 and upon checking at STRADCOM, the said vehicle was not registered since 2015.

The report said the highway patrol team flagged down the said vehicle, but instead of stopping, it fled heading towards Westbank floodway to Taytay direction and a brief chase ensued.

“HPG immediately coordinated with Cainta MPS and RID RSOU (personnel) who were conducting casing and surveillance within AOR and a dragnet operation was immediately established.”

Upon flagging down the said vehicle, the suspects fired upon the operatives instead of surrendering.

A brief exchange of fire ensued, resulting in their instantaneous d-aths.

The two unidentified suspects were reportedly members of Highway Boys, whose leader, a certain alias Barry and his cohort, eluded arrest.…/pcos-critic-glenn-chong-sa…/

We have to ask ourselves why is this happening to this young attorney – Mocha’s FB page has an interview with Atty. Glenn and the Mother of ‘Red’ it is a heart breaker.


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Source: Sherry Zimmer | Facebook