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Friday, December 14, 2018

Joma Sison to NPA: Launch more attacks vs. gov't forces nationwide

CPP founding chairman Joma Sison / photo from Facebook

Joma Sison is trying to be relevant in these times that the Communist Party of the Philippines , the National Democratic Front and its armed wing New People’s Army when now more than ever it is considered on its weakest.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made sure since the start of his administration that his government will extend its untiring efforts to achieve peace in all enemies of the state –the different groups in Mindanao and to the longest Maoist rebellion in Asia – the New People’s Army (NPA).

What Sison fears

So far the chief executive has been successful in all the Mindanaoan based groups, as for the NPA it’s a different story all together.

Yesterday Congress in joint session granted the request of Duterte to extend for another year the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Just like the opposition senators, Sison fears that this is just a prelude to the full martial law coverage across the country and his illusion that Duterte will now be a “fascist dictatorship.”

“Extension of martial rule in Mindanao up to end of 2019: This prepares martial law nationwide, which ensures Duterte control of the results of the elections if any and the cha-cha for fascist dictatorship under the guise of a bogus kind of federalism,” the CPP founding chairman said on a tweet.

It may be recalled a few weeks ago the government troops in a checkpoint arrested former Bayan Muna representative Satur Ocampo and incumbent ACT party list representative France Castro in Talaingod in Davao del for transporting students of Lumad School Salungpungan Learning Center without permission from their parents.

With this, an extension of another year of martial law might stall or hamper any operations that are related to the rebel groups. *

More attacks against government

Moreover, just after the Congress approved the request of the president to extend martial law for another year, CPP has immediately called on its armed wing – NPA, to "mount tactical offensives across the country."

"All NPA units must exert all possible effort to punish the worst fascist units and officers of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) who have committed grave crimes against the people," the statement read.

It also said that another year of martial law will result to more abduction, deaths and abuse against the people.

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorezana during Wednesday's joint session gives the public an assurance that the military will make sure midterm elections in 2019 will be "orderly, honest, and peaceful."

The CPP-NPA is among the lawless groups cited the president – which was one of the reasons why he requested for martial law extension for the third time.

NPA rebels warn to launch attacks against government forces / photo via CNN Philippines 

 Source: CNN Philippines