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Saturday, December 1, 2018

La Salle Professor Slammed The Arrest Of Ocampo Et Al Saying PNP's Arrest Is Laughable

A professor in the Department of Political Science at the De La Salle University in Manila who specializes in political theory, Antonio P. Contreras has something to say about the current hot issue about the arrest of ex-Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and 17 others for abducting 14 minors and getting caught in a checkpoint.
Prof. Antonio P. Contreras / Photo from The LaSallian

His argument

He started his post by saying that "74" people transporting "12" minors in an area where they know will be a checkpoint is obviously not trying to abduct the kids. Because if they are then they would be more discreet.

Contreras thinks that it is laughable that PNP is charging Ocampo et al. with human trafficking, not terrorism or rebellion. He finds it funny that the issue will be about the Lumad parents' consent.
Former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo / Photo from Rappler

His reason

He seems to think that rural communities, including the Lumads, do not give out written consent forms. They just rely on trust. He likened it to what people do in the city, parents often let other people take care of their children in exchange of a fee. And these seldom have written consent from DSWD or the parents themselves.

His closing

He closed it by saying that if it is true that the Lumads did not give consent for their children to be taken, then maybe there is something wrong with his argument. But he still tried to argue that there are reports that the children live far away from their parents when the incident happened.

His mistakes

Depending on whether you believe the statement of Contreras or not, here are some mistakes in his posts. 

First, he said 12 minors, there were 14 minors.

Then, he said that if it is true that there is no consent, there aren't. A video was released of the Lumad leaders confronting Ocampo et al saying that they gave no consent at all.

So it is safe to say that maybe before posting anything like this, maybe know the facts first and watch the news.

Read his full post below:

"74 people transporting 12 minors in a heavily militarized area with army checkpoints, openly traveling, with no attempt to camouflage or take alternative routes, is obviously not human trafficking. It will be a hard sell for the PNP to make us believe this. Mangingidnap lang naman pala, ang dami-dami pa nila. At hindi pa umiwas sa check-points.
Former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and ACT Party-list Rep. France Castro / Photo from ABS-CBN News

Yet, this is what Ocampo, Castro and company are now being accused of committing. Not rebellion. Not terrorism. But trafficking of minors because they do not have papers to show that they have parental consent.

This is laughable. To expect that rural communities, including Lumads, where the currency of consent is not in signed papers but in organic systems of trust, will operate through waiver or affidavits of consent reveals ignorance of cultural parameters.

Even in urban communities, neighbors ask each other to take care of their children, or entrust them to each other as chaperones. And there are no signed waivers or parental consent approved by DSWD. Kasi nga naman, pasasamahin mo lang kay kumare na manood ng sine o mamasyal si bunso, pupunta ka pang DSWD para kumuha ng permit? Ano ba!

Like I said in a previous post, working parents entrust their children to school services, pay the fees, but do not sign formal documents that go through DSWD. And these are middle-class parents. Sige nga. Mag inspeksyon nga ang PNP sa mga school bus at service kung may dala-dalang DSWD permits si Kuyang driver na nagsasabi na pwede nilang itransport ang mga bata.

And yes, yaya doesn't carry around a DSWD consent form signed by the parents whenever she strolls her alaga in the park or the mall. Aber nga. Inspeksyonin niyo si Inday kung may permit.

Let us not take this canard.

Let us call a spade a spade.

Ocampo and Castro are being apprehended because of their politics.

Kaya nagkakaproblema tayo kasi ginagawa nyong tanga mga tao.


Doon sa mga nagsasabi na walang consent ang mga magulang, kapag totoo ito then may sabit nga. Pero ang dapat nating itanong, matagal nang naka-enroll sa Lumad Schools ang mga batang ito. May consent ba ng mga magulang nila? Meron bang pinirmahan silang papel. At nakatira lang ba sa malapit ang mga magulang. Ayon sa ulat, may mga bata na mula pa sa malalayong lugar."