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Friday, December 14, 2018

Lawyers Think Faeldon Jr’s Arrest a Ploy to Strengthen Drug Allegations Against His Father

Nicanor Faeldon Jr. and Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon, photo compiled from Google
The son of Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon was arrested last December 14,2018 in Naga City for allegedly visiting a drug den. Nicanor Faeldon Jr. was in the vicinity of a drug suspect’s house when police served their search warrant.


In a post shared by lawyers Trixie Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan in their Facebook page called Luminous, they argued that the case against Faeldon Jr. is weak, owing to the fact that he was only charged with visiting a drug den. He could be there for a lot of reasons except drugs. Or, he could just be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the lawyers, Faeldon was charged with Violation of Section 7 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, meaning he was caught visiting a known drug den. He was not a pusher or even a user, otherwise he will be charged differently. He wasn’t caught in the possession of illegal dru9s.

Conspiracy Theories

Angeles and Paglinawan thinks that the case against Faeldon Jr. is weak and is probably a ploy by unscrupulous groups to destroy his father, and wants the drug allegations against his father (during his BOC stint) rekindled.

Moreso, the burden of proof rests on the police to prove that Faeldon Jr. indeed has knowledge of the presence of dru9s in the area, and it was the reason why he came there. Otherwise, Faeldon would just be “pawn” used by his father’s enemies to ruin his father’s reputation.

I Will Obliterate Him

Meanwhile, BuCor Chief Nicanor Faeldon promised he would “never lift a finger” to influence the police from their investigation. He also vowed to resign and personally “punish” his son if ever he was found guilty of the allegations.
Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon, photo from GMA Network
“In any event, if the police investigation will show that my son, Nicanor Jr. is indeed, a drug pusher and therefore a menace to society, then there will be no need to prosecute or to jail him. I will personally obliterate him from the face of the earth.”

Read full post below:

The PNP charged Nicanor Faeldon, Jr. with violation of Sec. 7 of the Dangerous Drugs Act. Ang Sec. 7 ay visiting a known drug den or dive.

Ibig sabihin nito, wala syang droga. Hindi sya user. Kung may nahanap na droga sa lugar na tinitirahan nya, maliwanag na hindi kanya yon.

Ang kailangan patunayan ng PNP ay kung alam ni JR na may droga sa lugar na yon kaya sya pumunta duon, (haller, nakatira sya dun, anukaya ito?)

Ang maliwanag sa ating mga observers, (ok fine, maliwanag sa akin) ay mahina ang kasong ito at tila kinakaladkad lang si JR dito dahil gustong buhayin ang isyu ng droga laban sa ama nya.


Meanwhile, statement ni Comm Faeldon, kung mapatunayan na involved sa droga talaga si JR, mag resign sya at si Nick mismo ang "papatay" sa anak nya. Slightly melodramatic, pero kilala namin si Nick. He would likely do it, resign and punish his son.

On the other hand, kung walang sala si JR, nemeeeeeen. Ok, Nick didn't say that, I did.

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan