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Mystica And Bong Revilla Both Basking In The Limelight

Composite photo of Sen. Bong Revilla and Mystic from The Filipino Times and ABS-CBN News
The acquittal of senator Bong Revilla has been hogging the headlines lately. But in a conscious effort to not be outdone, Mystica seem to have a bagful of tricks to stay in the limelight as well.

Bong Revilla

After being detained for four and a half years, Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. has redeemed himself after the Sandiganbayan acquitted the Plunder charges filed against him last 2014. The decision was a long time coming since the charges against him were based on a single testimony by an unreliable witness.

His acquittal has earned different opinions from the public. There are many who rejoiced when he was acquitted believing that his detention was nothing but an attempt to silence him after he exposed PNoy for influencing the impeachment of CJ Corona. There are also some who thinks that the justice system is dead based on his acquittal.

Photo from Bandera
Mystica, on the other hand, has been on the headlines for a whole different reason. It first started with her viral posts asking fellow celebrities to give her a role in their TV programs. First, it was Coco Martin, then it was Michael V. Coco Martin gave her a chance and hired her but her role in the program “Ang Probinsyano” was shortlived so she ended up asking Michael V. from the rival network.

Mystica also went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help, accusing vlogger Nino Berzaga of bullying and embarrasing her in social media. Tulfo treated her with respect, and politely asked her if she will accept Barzaga’s public apology. Mystica accepted the public apology, but indecisively changed her mind at the end.

Now, Mystica is accusing Tulfo of shortchanging her and forcing her to accept the apology of Berzaga.

The Difference

While both of them are celebrities and both are on the headlines recently, the similarities end there. Revilla is a public servant with an impeccable track record. Mystica is a has been performer who can’t accept the fact that she lost her fame.

Bong Revilla is relevant, Mystica is far from being one.
Photo from ABS-CBN