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Monday, December 10, 2018

Mystica Just Wouldn’t Stop Talking: She Now Claims To Be A More Senior Media Personality Than Raffy Tulfo

Mystica and Raffy Tulfo, photo compiled from Facebook and
No doubt that Mystica loves the limelight. And she will do just about anything, just to hog the news. When she went to Idol Raffy Tulfo’s program, she was treated with such respect even though we all knew that she is somehow responsible for the bashes she been receiving online. After being helped by Raffy Tulfo, she has the audacity to hit back at Tulfo, saying she wasn’t given a fair treatment. Now, she’s out again with her newest video, claiming to be a more senior member of media than Raffy Tulfo.

I Am Media

In a live video posted a few hours ago, Ruby Villanueva, or more popularly known as Mystica claimed that she was indeed a member of the media. Not only that, she was more senior than Raffy Tulfo. She bared that she was doing a program in PTV4 which is very much similar to Raffy Tulfo’s program Raffy Tulfo In Action.

In her video, she again reiterated that she was shortchanged by Raffy Tulfo into accepting the public apology given by Nino Barzaga, a vlogger who allegedly bullied Mystica. Mystica insisted that she changed her mind in forgiving Barzaga, but Tulfo prevented her from saying her piece since Tulfo’s show needs to accommodate other people.

I Am CCW Chairwoman

In her Facebook page, Mystica said that she is the chairwoman of Citizens Crime Watch of the Better Globe Task Force and Rescue Team. She has youtube videos to show for it. She also claimed to be a senior consultant for Tri-Media for media affairs throughout the Philippines and worldwide.

This topic was brought up when she presented a media ID when apprehended by a traffic enforcer for violating traffic rules. Since no one even knew that CCW, or the Better Globe task force even existed, many thought that she presented a fake ID. Even if the ID was authentic, the fact is that the task force has long been gone, and the ID she was carrying is not valid anymore and does not exempt her from traffic violations.

What are your thoughts about Mystica’s new revelations?

Watch the video below:

Source: Ruby Villanueva