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Friday, December 7, 2018

Netizen Shared Her Best Experience With PITX, Proving Dissatisfied Commuters Wrong

Niña Bonita and PITX, photo compiled from Facebook and ABS-CBN
Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange project was made in aid of the comfort and convenience of commuters bound from and to Cavite-Batangas. The government believes that having a centralized terminal system, colorums will be completely terminated which appears to be one of the causes of traffic in Manila.

Complaints On PITX 

However, PITX is operational for quite a few weeks now but on a bad light for some circumstances. People rant for experiencing hang-ups during their stay in the terminal causing them to have late arrivals at work. The series of complaints all goes down to confusion of drivers regarding their route.

Satisfied Customer 

With hundreds of dissatisfied, one netizen shared her best experience with the PITX service. Niña Bonita expressed her satisfaction with the service given to her by the PITX attendants. Her route from Lancaster New City Hub to Manila was smooth and convenient. Getting a seat during her travel is not usual but experiencing it for once is such a pleasure for the woman. Adds up to the fun, she bumped into a colleague who happens to be on her way to Manila too. She learned about the PITX and decided to try it.

Best Experience

Confused, Niña seeks help from the receptionist on-duty and the latter didn’t fail to provide a good service. The signages are also helpful to avoid confusion for first-timers. What makes the young woman completely pleased is the security provided on the area. There were K9 units and security guards. She no longer feels the need to brace her bag for fear of snatchers and pickpockets.


Bonita believes that the people who rant about the PITX are those with hang-ups in life. Moreover, if given a chance to be interviewed by the media, she’ll lift the pride of the project and say positive things about it. She says,

“You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind.” 

She sends her gratefulness to President Duterte for the accomplished projects. She then claims,

“Nega at boba lang ang mga kontra sa mga proyekto mo.”

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First time ko sumakay ng pa-Manila route from Lancaster New City Hub. Grabee! First time ko din makaupo while travelling going to Manila. Then nakasabay ko sa line si Maam Lilian, one of my neighbors sa village. Xmpre hindi ako nabagot, because for the whole trip along Cavitex, we make chika. 😊 So, heto na nga... Sabi niya bababa siya sa PITX going to MOA kase doon office niya sa may Macapagal. Then sabi niya sakin, may mga Lawton din daw doon. So, i decided na doon na din bumaba sa PITX kase hindi ko din alam saan ako sasakay from coastal going to Lawton. So, i asked the receptionist sa PITX saan ako sasakay pa Lawton, sabi niya akyat ako escalator sa 3rd floor may van going to Lawton. Then sa right where i was standing, may hindi aircon. Xmpre doon ako sa may aircon. Oh diba! Nice customer service si Ate kase she responded to me with a SMILE and maaliwalas yung sagot. Halatang may alam, hindi siya confused sa mga sagot niya. Then ayun na nga, nagwalk ako going to 3rd floor, grabee! Hindi man lang ako pinagpawisan habang naglalakad at may mga signage so hindi ka lito kahit 1st time mo gamitin ang service nila. So, ayun lang. Hindi ako pinawisan, napaka convenient ng travel ko at confident ako kahit hindi ko ilagay ang bag ko sa harapan ko kahit naka sling lang siya sa side ko walang magnanakaw along the wag kase may K9 at guards pa. Tama nga yung nasa brochure nila, MAGINHAWA, KOMPORTABLE at LIGTAS na pagbyahe mula Cavite at Batangas. Kaya yung nasa mga balita na mga pasahero nagrereklamo, baka yun ung mga may hang ups sa buhay. Kung ako nainterview ng mainstream media, for sure very positive mga sasabibin ko. Kase YOU CANNOT HAVE A POSITIVE LIFE, WITH A NEGATIVE MIND. 😊

Thank you to our President, Tatay Digong! 👏👏👏

Kaya no wonder, dami nagmamahal sayo. Nega at boba lang ang mga kontra sa mga proyekto mo.

Source: Niña Bonita