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Monday, December 10, 2018

Netizens Find It Absurd When Church Puts A Minimum Donation Fee Of P100 For Mass Intentions

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We all know that the Philippines is proudly the only Christian nation in Asia. With 86% of its population belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, 6% belong to different nationalized Christian groups and another 2% of the whole population belonging to more than 100 Protestant denominations, it is safe to say that the Philippines mainly believe in the Lord.

But these numbers are slowly dwindling as some Churches and religious leaders show some indication that they are just after money.

Church vs. State

As politics grew dirtier and dirtier, more priests are starting to use the house of the Lord to express their thoughts about politics. The separation of State and Church is almost hard to come by.

For a Catholic person to be going to church with his mindset in praising the Lord, it gets annoying when priests start talking about money and politics. This is why when people see acts of the church that is not in line with the teachings of God, they complain.

The minimum donation for prayers

During the old days, you just approach a priest and he will gladly pray for you or for someone who needs it. As time went by, donations for prayers became the trend. A netizen got the shock of his life when he found a note on the Church office's transaction window that to be able to offer an intention mass, the donation should be P100 or more.

Photo from Facebook
This angered the netizens because, as his caption said, what if you don't have a hundred pesos? Does this mean your prayers won't be said?

Some even jokingly said that if you give P500 then your prayers will go straight to Gabriel in heaven.

It seems that the majority of the netizens agree with Mark Fernandez when he posted this photo, he said he believes in God, but in the Church? Not so much.