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Pakialamero ka ha! Salvador Panelo subtly slams UN Rapporteur

Composite photo of Sal Panelo and David Kaye from and PressTV
A Duterte loyalist, Rolaiza Mimi Singayao recently posted on Facebook a message from Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

Panelo addressed UN rapporteur David Kaye for barging into legal and judicial process of the country.

For calling out the government to drop the tax evasion charges against the Rappler CEO, Maria Ressa. Even link the issue of depriving press freedom to all media outfit in the Philippines including Ressa who claims to be falsely harassed. Which in truth, are all lies.

Panelo Reminds David Kaye on Tax Evasion 

The Spokesperson enlightened Kaye that tax evasion is a serious offense in the country, and as well to others. He asserts that the tax evasion case has nothing to do with democracy and freedom of expression. And, as well, being a media person or a journalist does not exempt them for being held liable for any criminal prosecution when they commit a violation. Panelo said that the government has found a probable cause against the offenders, thus a charge is filed.

Media Outfits Enjoy Freedom of Expression 

Salvador affirms that freedom of expression is being practiced and respected in the Philippines. Given the fact that the Rappler or any other media outfit are able to air their grave sentiments against the administration is a clear manifestation of it. Added to that, the critics and detractors of the President are undeniable proof of his argument. Panelo insists to anyone who has any concern regarding censorship, every Filipino has the right to seek redress from the court of law. However, he adds that there is no report of filed cases on the said matter.

Stop Politicizing Maria Ressa’s Case 

The Chief Presidential Legal Counsel anticipates that the United Nations to be more careful instead of refusing to look into the gravity of the case and assault the sovereign of the Philippines.
Photo from RFE/RL
Read the complete Facebook post of Rolaiza Mimi Singayao below reflecting the statement of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson, Salvador S. Panelo:

On the recent call by a UN rapporteur for government to drop the cases vs Ressa, Rappler

An official from the United Nations (UN) has once again barged into our legal and judicial processes. Without the benefit of factual information, Mr. Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, has called on the government to drop the tax evasion charges against Rappler and its head, Maria Ressa, contending falsely that the same constitutes censorship.

For Mr. Kaye's enlightenment, tax evasion is a serious offense not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. The case against the media outfit has absolutely nothing to do with the freedom of expression. Being a media entity and a journalist cannot shield them from criminal prosecution when they violate the law. A court of competent jurisdiction has found probable cause against them; hence, they have been formally charged.

The right to express oneself is very much respected in our jurisdiction. 

The fact that Rappler and its reporters continue to publish articles of dissent against this Administration is an eloquent testimonial. The fact that detractors and critics of the President continue to air their protests in various media platforms against our policies is another irrefutable proof. Should there be cases of censorship, people are always free to seek redress from the courts. We note that there are no reports of such cases.

We expect the UN representative to be more circumspect instead of politicizing a crime and ignoring its gravity and assaulting the sovereignty of our country.

Salvador S. Panelo 
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel
and Presidential Spokesperson

Photo from Esquire Philippines
Source: Via Rolaiza Mimi Singayao

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