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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Paula Defensor – Knack chides Jover Laurio for publicity video, mimicking Miriam’s quote

Paula Defensor – Knack, Miriam Defensor – Santiago and Jover Laurio
Triggered by the video that she dubbed as a ‘cheap shot’ meant for publicity, International Law Expert and one of The Hague’s legal advisor, Paula Defensor – Knack blow a fuse to the controversial ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ author, Jover Laurio for launching a vlog that ‘appeals to emotions’ of the naïve.

In the video, Jover can be seen narrating her ordeals as the one continually criticizing the government despite imminent threats and amplifying the alleged human rights violations linked to President Rodrigo Duterte’s advocate.

Paula also scorns at Jover for inviting attention to herself, intentionally or not, by initiating attacks against other entities not less than to her very own.

Paula claimed that one of her admins informed her of an already omitted blog by Jover’s questioning her ‘real’ identity as the younger sibling of the late Senator Miriam Defensor – Santiago along with her well – founded credentials.
Paula Defensor – Knack / Photo from Facebook
She maintained that she never had a ‘beef’ against the blogger whom she does not recognize, and never have spoken to. Suddenly, the day came Jover disses at someone through an over-exaggerated blog ‘out of an overwhelming desire to gain attention, someone who’s capabilities are much more exceptional than hers.

Not to mention, mimicking the very words of the late Senator as she thrives to live by each day ‘eating threats for breakfast, lunch, all the way to dinner and midnight snack.’

Here’s Jover’s entire dialogue in a video blog that rather seeks empathy amid all the trouble she provoked upon herself – all because of her desire to wrestle with what she know as ‘Freedom of Expression’:

"I never thought I would say this, much less experience this but yes, I eat d__ threats for breakfast,for lunch, for dinner all the way till midnight snack. Being in a situation where I am, d__ threats to me and my family, hate messages, fake news, lies, bullying and intimidation have become a part of my walking and sleeping hours.

"I have been called names, most of them unprintable. I have been accused of being a paid hack. I have been trailed by strange people to the point that I had to be physically removed from one place and transferred to another. ALL THIS BECAUSE I HAVE CHOSEN TO FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT to express my opinion about what is happening in my country.
Jover Laurio / Photo from
"There have been thousands of extrajudicial k___s in line with the president's advocate. Fake news has been proliferating, news of alleged corruption are a daily occurrence. But try as I might, I could not just sit down and keep quiet knowing the only way I could make people see and hopefully act is to share with them the truth about documented verified information.

"I have a right to speak up. I have a right to be heard and have taken it upon myself to debunk fake news, expose lies and raise my voice against injustice, misogyny, racism and fascism.

"Is it worth all the trouble? History will judge me. But as of now, in my country freedom of expression and freedom of speech 'or whatever is left of it - are our best hope. And I cannot just give up on this hope.

The said video has been viewed more than 30,000 times over by followers and critics alike through a global dialogue forum of free expression and free press known as DW Freedom on Facebook.

Meanwhile, here’s Paula Defensor – Knack’s reaction to the video she said was ‘Pathetic little attention – getting gimmick’:


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