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Pope Francis: Governments have duty to combat drug traffickers

Pope Francis, photo from America Magazine
In a message he delivered on Saturday, December 1, the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis said that it is the duty of the governments to fight drug traffickers, who peddle “death”.

Timely Conference

The much-loved Pope delivered the said message during a conference for the members of the dioceses of Molfetta and Ugento-Santa Maria di Leuca, at the Vatican.

The said event was regarding drug addition.

Message to Lost Souls

In the message he conveyed before the participants, the 266th pope at the Vatican denounced the “pathological forms derived from a secularized cultural climate, marked by the capitalism of consumption.”

In addition, he also made mention on the “existential emptiness” and the “precariousness” of human ties.

The report said that according to Pope Francis, the participants of the conference had grappled with issues “of old and new addictions that block integral human development”.

The Pope's Plea

He called on everyone to fight both the production and distribution of such drugs. He also stated that it is the task of the governments “to face with courage this fight against the traffickers of death.”
AP Photo/Andrew Medichini/ MANILA BULLETIN
Source: Manila Bulletin

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