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Saturday, December 8, 2018

President Duterte approves Republic Act 11148, ‘First 1,000 Days Bill’ now a Law

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Otherwise known as the ‘Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Magnanay Act’, the newly signed law ensures that every child in the country receives proper care and nutrition during their ‘first 1,000 days’ of life. This includes:

· Nutrition program and support to the mother, before, during and after she gives birth.

· Nutrition program and support for the baby.

· Training for barangay health workers.

· Support and training for mothers on how to ensure her and her child’s health and nutrition.

According to The Lancet Medical Journal about Maternal and Child Undernutrition published in 2008, ‘the first 1,000 days of life’ is a critical window of time between a woman’s pregnancy and the child’s second birthday which started from the moment of conception.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), our own Department of Health, and the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) all underline the importance of the first 1,000 days.
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PPS maintains that the effects of nutritional damage during ‘the first 1,000 days of life’ is irreversible and will carry long – term effects on a baby’s cognitive growth. The condition of the baby’s brain development at 2 years of age determines his/her mental capacity for the rest of his/her life, not less than interpersonal skills and even the income he/she earns in the future.

Birth and Postpartum Coach, Noelle Polack, during a symposium, shared that “Experts have found that those who have good nutrition early on in life are able to overcome more life-threatening diseases.”

“They are able to cope better in school — they are smarter, they become higher paid, and they’re more likely as adults to have healthier families,” she added.

Both the WHO and PPS recommends EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING to the babies for the first 6 months followed by supportive feeding by providing nutritious solid food at the right age while continuing breastfeed.

Polack urges mommies to read up on the ‘benefits of breastfeeding’ and find one that they find rewarding.
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“On those days na pagod na pagod ka na at tinitignan mo ‘yung baby mo at nag-wo-wonder ka, ‘Bakit ko ba ‘to ginagawa?’ You’ll need to hold on to that benefit and use it as a motivation,” Polack shared.

Duterte Vows To Put An End To Malnutrition

President Duterte likened the country’s malnutrition problem to that of the drug peril, which need immediate intervention so as not to compromise the future of the next generation.

Through Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, President Duterte made the commitment and called on all stakeholders to invest in nutrition and curb malnutrition in his keynote speech during the 2018 National Nutrition Awarding Ceremony at the Philippine International Convention Center.

"As the President of our beloved country, it is my duty to give hope and assure everyone that the Filipinos are worth every sacrifice.  We are a great race.  The only thing we should do is perform our duties as if everyone depended on us and think of every day as if it was the last. Stop criticizing. Do something good in your capacity like what our winners did.  Good nutrition for everyone is everybody’s business," President Duterte’s keynote message delivered by Secretary Duque

The President also urged governors, mayors and barangay chairpersons to perform their role as chair of the nutrition committee seriously.

"You are the pilot and captain of your ship.  You chart the direction where your nutrition program will go… Direct and guide your people so that nutrition services reach every child, mother wherever they are located in your area without delay.  Do not leave anyone behind," the Chief Executive said.

As the ‘Father of this Nation’, Duterte assured that he will be able to curb hunger and malnutrition significantly and called on Congress to maintain an enabling environment where national policies and programs will complement existing health and nutrition programs at the local level.

"We can only realize these objectives through stronger cooperation between national and local governments. I believe that all of you who are in front of me now, agree with me that effective local leaders with clear vision and concrete decisive actions can deliver the intended results that we want to see in the years to come," Duterte said.


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