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Priest vs. Bishop! Fr. Aquino hits Bishop Pabillo hard on his Duterte opposition: I cannot recognize a shepherd, I see a bigot

Composite photos of Bishop Broderick Pabillo and Fr. Ranhilio Aquino from Pilipino Mirror Pilipino Mirror and GMA 
It turns out that it is not just politicians who are out swinging at each other, even the leaders of the Catholic Church have their own political battles, and it is just as intense. San Beda priest and College of Law dean Ranhilio Callangan Aquino lambasted a bishop no less, for his “jaundiced” views.

Priest Vs. Bishop

In a post shared by Fr. Ranhilio Aquino on his Facebook, he slammed Manila Auxiliary bishop Broderick Pabillo for his self-serving views. This was in connection with the federal charter draft that was approved by the house for final reading. Pabillo harshly criticized the draft and said it should be rejected due to some provisions that are self serving in favor of the proponents.

“There are provisions that are self serving like the abolition of terms for Congress. It is clear that they so not have the good of the people in mind but their own self interest,” Pabillo argued.
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“This draft statement, so hastily approved- is to be vigorously rejected! I am dismayed at the house approval of the draft federal charter,” the bishop said.

Aquino reacted to the opinion of Pabillo, saying that while he rightfully opposed the House draft, he also rabidly opposed the Charter Change, for the sole reason that it was Duterte who endorsed it.

A Bigot

Aquino continued by calling bishop Pabillo as a bigot, someone who is intolerantly devoted to his own prejudices. While he reiterated his respect over bishops, Aquino stated that Pabillo is blinded by his hatred of Duterte and his alliance with the yellows.

Aquino accused Pabillo of having the audacity to say that the House draft was “self-serving” when he himself is guilty of doing just that. He is not worthy to be called a shepherd. And the miter, the one that bishops wear on their heads, has little or no bearing if worn by the unworthy.
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Read the complete Facebook post of Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino below:

And he is? I respect and reverence our bishops but when it is clear that they are so jaundiced and full of hate like Broderick Pabillo is who cannot see any good in his foes, I cannot recognize a shepherd. I see a bigot. He is rightly against the House draft...but he was also rabidly against the ConCom draft for no other reason than that Duterte endorsed it. That miter adds no gravitas.

Pres.Duterte and Bishop Pabillo, photo from ABS-CBN News

Screengrab from Fr. Aquino's post

Source: Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino

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