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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sison’s Communist Party must be outlawed - veteran columnist

Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao and CPP-NPA related photo from Google

Manila, Philippines – After the Congress approved President Rodrigo Duterte's request to extend martial law in Mindanao for a full year until December 31, 2019, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called on its armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA), to "mount tactical offensives across the country."

"All NPA units must exert all possible effort to punish the worst fascist units and officers of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) who have committed grave crimes against the people," the statement read.

CPP founding chairman Jose Maria Sison, in a Facebook post, stressed that the extension is a prelude to declaring martial law nationwide, "which ensures Duterte control of the results of the elections if any and the cha-cha for fascist dictatorship under the guise of a bogus kind of federalism."

With this, veteran columnist Rigoberto Tiglao could not help but to criticize the rebel groups in his most recent article at the Manila Times.

The columnist called on the CPP for having the gall to issue a statement – even carried by major newspapers, ordering its armed wing to attack the government troops.

Congress threatened

“What is shocking in the CPP statement is that it even threatened Congress: “Everyone who voted in favor of extending martial rule in Mindanao will have their names tainted with the bl0od of each and every victim of Duterte’s all-out war.”” Tiglao said

“Have we become a nation of masochists that we don’t have a law to ban an organization that has declared war on our way of life?” he asked

Tiglao acknowledge the formidable move of the president for signing Executive Order 70 that creates a task force against the Maoist insurgency. However, the columnist added that its impact would have been magnified a hundred times if there is a law for such task force, making it a national policy that would continue even after Duterte ends his term in 2022.*

He also pointed out the following:

“Second, depending on the features of such an anti-CPP law, it would make incarceration of the CPP’s ranking leaders and even its rank-and-file easier, as the law would make it a de facto crime to be a party member. Since the emergence of the Ma0ists in the 1970s, authorities had to prove that communist leaders and even NPA commanders were involved in homicide and murder, in order for them to be arrested and jailed.”

“Perhaps if Sison can be proven here to be a Maoist party member, and therefore in violation of the anti-communist law, the Philippine government can request his extradition from the Netherlands.”

“And third, a law criminalizing Sison’s party could be part of a strategy to finally end this useless, blo0dy insurgency. Such a law could offer an amnesty to those who admit their membership in the party and register with the government within a specific period of time. That in fact was what Thailand did to defeat its own communist insurgency in the 1970s.”

“Sison’s communist scourge upon this nation will be half-a-century-old this month. It is time for Filipinos to unite against this curse that has been bringing our nation down, which has kiIled over 100,000 policemen, soldiers and innocent civilians.”

Source: Manila Times