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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Stage Actor Audie Gemora calls Duterte “madman”, accuses the President of destroying the economy

Audie Gemora and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from and Google
Audie Gemora took to social media recently and delivered a message enticing people to vote for the opposition this coming elections. He called Duterte a madman. He likewise accused the President for destroying the economy and selling the country to China.

Art Forces of the Philippines

A small group of artists are now enjoying their share of social media exposure with their “strong” video statements urging the people to vote for the opposition in the coming elections. The group call themselves “The Art Forces Of The Philippines”.

While it definitely does not represent the sentiment of the whole Showbiz industry, the group nevertheless attempts to persuade the people to revolt against the current administration and vote for the opposition.

Stark Tone

In a video shared on Twitter, stage actor Audie Gemora gave a stark statement against Duterte, in three dialects. One was in Tagalog, another in English, and one in Ilonggo. He called the president a madman, and accused the police of being extra judicial killers.

He said that the government is taxing the people to death. He claimed that the government portrays themselves as anti-corruption, but the plunderers are back in power and are waiting for the next election to milk the country dry.


Gemora further accused the president of selling the country to China, and that our independence that our heroes died for were exchanged for the proverbial few pieces of silver. He also claimed that the Supreme Court and Congress was already bought, and Senate would be next.

It’s just unfortunate that people are so quick to criticize but find it very difficult to acknowledge their mistakes. If only these group of artists will start looking into themselves and change for the better, maybe our country would be better. What we need are role models, not critics.

Watch the video below:

Source: Twitter