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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

UP alumna on Ressa’s TIME award: I’m so disgusted with the way media’s choosing people to celebrate

Maia Villapane and Maria Ressa, photo compiled from Facebook and Panay News
From fake news to biased reporting, the state of journalism in the Philippines seem to hit it’s rock bottom. While there are journalists who stayed true to their advocacy of fair journalism, the media in our country seem to be corrupted to the bones, and anyone can see it from the way they report their stories.


Netizen Maia Villapane, a UP alumna from Mindanao, took to Facebook and expressed her abhorrence on how the media are glorifying the wrong people. Villapane argued that Maria Ressa was a person not worthy of the adulation that media has bestowed her.
Maia Villapane, photo from her Facebook account
Rappler concocted fake news when they said that the ISIS were the ones responsible for the Resorts World incident when in fact it was just a desperate gambler losing his wits. Villapane also bared that Rappler demanded 150,000 pesos from a Filipina who won an international fashion design award in exchange for writing her story.

Blind Eye

Villapane then turned her ire on the journalists who stayed silent on the issues that matter most. When the Lumads protested against the CPP-NPA, these so-called journalists decided to interview Satur Ocampo and the other leftists, instead of getting the view of our indigenous people.

When Glenn Chong’s bodyguard was ambushed a few days ago, very few media even covered the story. Glenn Chong was an advocate of election reform and exposed the cheating in the 2016 vice presidential elections. Yet sadly, the journalists were silent about this.

Noisy As H3ll

On the other hand, when it comes to  Leni Robredo, even her most senseless talks were being reported by media. When Trillanes, Alejano, and De Lima spews their tirades against the government, it’s all over the news.

One can’t help but wonder, is the media on the payroll of these politicians? And as Villapane says, the journalism in the country has sunk so low, that the people trust the social media bloggers more.

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I'm so disgusted with the way media's picking and choosing people to celebrate. Maria Ressa caused panic when she reported that the Resort's World fiasco was an ISIS plot when it was just some desperate man who had a gambling problem. Did she apologize for it? No.

Rappler has had a history of concocting fake stories to sell and even has tried to extort money from an NY-based Filipina who only asked if her story about winning an international fashion design award could be published as it was a highly-coveted prize. They asked her to fork over 150,000 pesos which might be loose change to the Opposition, but it certainly isn't loose change to someone who brought pride to the country for winning that competition.

And Rappler gets away scot-free while I was told off for posting a speculation of my own on my wall as a joke about the Resorts World incident? (Remember doing this to me, Lester?)

This is what happens when you don't hold your journalists to a higher standard and you let them become gods in their domain. Akala ninyo wala silang sala? Look at all the things that happened where they were silent.

Atty. Glenn Chong, who has done more work than these journos to expose the electoral fraud in our country, just lost his aide to an ambush. What do the journos do? They keep mum about it.

Recently, the Lumads went to protest against the NPA and CPP but what did these journos do? Continue to report the side of Satur Ocampo, France Castro, and Sarah Elago, all kmown radical Leftists. Did they interview our indigenous brothers and sisters and report their views?

And all the fucking time, they report on the useless chatter coming from Leni Robredo's mouth. Are they fucking hoping she'll one day say something intelligent? Or are they doing it because she's paying them?

All the fucking time they report on the most inane bullshit spewed by the trifecta of Trillanes, Alejano, and De Lima. All the fucking time, they report on the politicizing of the Philippine Catholic Church but are mum on the sexual abuses and adultery committed by its priests. A priest was able to post bail even when he had been caught in a motel with a 13-year-old. Yung bugaw pa na menor de edad din ang mas pinarusahan ha.

I cannot believe the lows to which our journalists have sunk. And then they wonder why people turn to social media bloggers.

Source: Maia Villapañe