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Sunday, December 2, 2018

US-based Finance Director Slams Audie Gemora’s Negative Remarks Against Duterte

Stage actor, Audie Gemora recently went viral for another round of video from Art Forces of the Philippines, an organization of artists from all aspect of art as claimed by director Joel Lamangan. Calling Duterte as a madman and ruin the government’s reputation through claims of EJK, inflation, TRAIN Law, and the most recent, the PH-China deal. 
Edwin Jamora and Audie Gemora / Composite photos from Facebook and Mubi

PH is Economically Healthy

A US-based accountant, Edwin Jamora roasts Audie Gemora and the actor’s claims on Duterte and the current administration. On the account of economic destruction, Jamora insists that the economy is growing at 6.5% and is considered as the fastest growing. Furthermore adds that the all-time high P58 to $1 rate is now back at P50 to $1. 

TRAIN Law Will Not Starve Filipinos To Death 

As a financial expert, Edwin provided the basics of TRAIN law on the claims of taxing and starving the people to death through the newly reformed tax law. The taxpayers who get annual 250,000 and lower are exempted for Personal Income Tax while the rest and the richer stays to pay as is. Not only that, the tax will lower to 30% by 2023. 
 Audie Gemora  / Screencap from his video

Gemora points out the government for causing the inflation, in which Edwin reminds that oil price rollback has been lowering for 8 times now. The same goes for the price of rice. The stage actor on insisting to Filipinos that the government will starve everyone to death, Jamora has something to say,

Yes! Sa mga tamad na gaya nyo! You want to earn P10k? P15k? What are you waiting for? Maghanap ka na ng trabaho!...” 

Duterte Bought The Three Branches of the Government 

Audie sounds persistent on the matter of Duterte on taking over the Congress, the Judiciary, and asserts that the latter will soon get the Senate. As for that, Edwin instills to the actor to do the arithmetic, affirming that Bersamin is a senior, proving the legality of the appointment.

Read his full post below:

"This is Audie Gemora.

Leche! Muntik nang maging Idwin Jemura. Hayst!

Anyway, he is the poster child of ignoramusness and claims the following:

0:55 – They’re destroying our economy - Ah'ah! Not true! Our economy is growing at 6.5% which is one of the fastest in the world and an envy of many!

0:56 – Our peso is down - Ah'ah! Who told yah?! When it was P58 to $1, y'all claimed it's the end of the world! The exchange rate is now Php50 to $1!
 Audie Gemora  / Photo from Fringe Magazine

0:54 – They’re taxing us to death - Ah'ah! TRAIN lowers personal income tax (PIT) for all taxpayers except the richest. Under TRAIN, those with annual taxable income below P250,000 are exempt from paying PIT, while the rest of taxpayers, except the richest, will see lower tax rates ranging from 15% to 30% by 2023.

0:52 – Prices have never been this high - Ah'ah! Did you flunk Economics 101? Expect inflation to be down for November 2018. There's been oil price rollback for the 8th time! Price of rice has gone down!

0:51 – They’re going to starve us - YES! Sa mga tamad na gaya nyo! You want to earn P10k? P15k? What are you waiting for? Maghanap ka na nang trabaho! Tanginamu!

0:32 – They’ve already sold the Philippines to China - Oh! So you also know that Trillanes and Benigno Aquino III sold it!

0:15 – They’ve already bought the Supreme Court - Ah'ah! Review your aritmetik! Mas senior si Bersamin!