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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What do Maria Ressa, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin et al do have in common? Here’s what TP has to say

Maria Ressa, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, photo compiled from Google
Thinking Pinoy blogger RJ Nieto shared a post telling those people who were shocked that Maria Ressa was chosen as one of the journalists hailed as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year not to be aghast. Basing on the past awardees of Time, she’s in good company and we should not be complaining.

TIME’s Person Of The Year

In his Facebook page, TP’s Nieto revealed that TIME has chosen Maria Ressa as one of the four journalists cited by the magazine for their contributions as a journalist in a hostile world. They are dubbed as the “Guardians.”

Nieto bared that based on the past awardees of TIME’s person of the year, Maria Ressa surely deserve to be there. If we revisit the past winners of TIMES yearly citation, there is a history of some interesting choices.

Adolf Hitler- 1938

Adolf Hitler, photo from Medium
Dubbed as the most powerful and notorious dictator of the 20th century. He started the World War II, and was responsible for the massacre of more than 6 million Jews, along with the victims of the holocaust.

Joseph Stalin - 1939, 1942

Joseph Stalin, photo from The Times
The political repression that caused the de4th of millions of Russians was mainly due to the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. Those critical of his regime were sent to labor camps, where most of them d1ed.

Richard Nixon - 1971, 1972

Richard Nixon, photo from www.history.com
Who would forget the infamous Watergate scandal? In an attempt to solidify his re election bid, Nixon and his Republicans burglarized the headquarters of the Democrats, and when things got sour and he was in danger of being impeached, he was forced to resign.

Ruholla Ayatollah Khomenei - 1979

Ruholla Ayatollah Khomenei, photo from Wikipedia
He was the founder of Iran, and the one who called for Islamic revolutions in the middle east, causing the Iraq- Iran War, an 8 year armed struggle that wasted the lives of more or less a million Iranians.

Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, photo from PBS
A pseudo-journalist, who falsely claimed to the western world that she is the only remaining hope of Philippine journalism, and that the Duterte government harassed her for being critical of them. This is despite the fact that public records show that she clealy violated the tax evasion law.

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Maria Ressa is TIME's Person of the Year?

No complaints from Thinking Pinoy's end and let me tell you why.

Several of my friends were shocked at how Maria Ressa could have possibly been chosen as TIME Magazine's person of the year for 2018, but I told them that they shouldn't be, especially if we revisit some of the TIME's more interesting choices in the past.

Let me list down some of them, along with the year/s in which they were chosen as Person of the Year.

1. Adolf Hitler (1938), the leader of the Nazi Party, started World War II in Europe when he invaded Poland and was a central figure in the perpetration of the Holocaust, a genocide that killed 17 million human beings, 6 million of whom are European Jews.

2. Joseph Stalin (1939, 1942), the leader of the Soviet Communist Party, orchestrated Great Purge of the late 1930s, a widespread campaign political repression in the Soviet Union that resulted in the deaths of over a million people. During Stalin's rule of the country over 20 million people were sent to labor camps, where nearly half of them died.

3. Richard Nixon (1971, 1972), President of the United States, was the central figure in the infamous Watergate Scandal. Up for re-election, Nixon and his Republican administration attempted to cover up the burglary into rival Democratic National Committee Headquarters, with investigations showing that the coverup was financed by Nixon's own re-election slush fund. Under threat of impeachment, Nixon resigned from office.

4. Ruhollah Khomenei (1979), more popularly known in the Philippines as Ayatollah Khomeini, was the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shortly after assuming power in 1979, he began calling for Islamic revolutions across the Muslim world, including Iran's Arab neighbor Iraq, helping catalyze the Iran-Iraq War that resulted in loss of anywhere between 450,000 and 950,000 Iranians.

5. Maria Ressa (2018), an American snowflake, for falsely claiming in Western media that Philippine courts indicted her for criticizing the Duterte Government, despite public records showing her indictment was for tax evasion cases.

So there you go.

Again, Ressa is Time's Person of the Year? No complaints from Thinking Pinoy's end.

ERRATUM: The photo labels the 2018 "awardee" as a "snowflake", which in hindsight is quite inaccurate. It should have been "snowflake, a couple of days after it was run over by one of the New York City government's merciless snowplows."



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Source: Thinking Pinoy