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Who’s irresponsible? Paolo Duterte vilifies Robredo over unverified facts on dr*g war

Paolo “Pulong” Duterte and Leni Robredo / Composite photos from Manila Bulletin and positivelyfilipino.com
Former Davao City Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte takes a swipe at Vice President Leni Robredo for impulsively unveiling a list outlining personalities and organizations allegedly linked to unseat his father, President Rodrigo Duterte and destabilize the government.

The younger Duterte, on Monday, shared an article previously written by former Cabinet Secretary Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao in a Facebook post, lambasting VP Leni for making accusations against her own government based on patently false data about the President’s War On Dr*gs.

“Teka, sino irresponsible? Look who’s talking! NAUNSA KA FVP? APIL APILON SAD KA NO? TRABAHO DIHA OI”, Pulong posted.

Duterte also added ancient Greek Philosopher Plato’s quote, which read, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; FOOLS because they have to say something.”
Paolo “Pulong” Duterte / Phoot from untvweb
During a meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs in March 2017, Robredo, through a video message, told the congregation claiming that “more than 7,000 people have been k*lled in summary executions” since July 2016, during which the campaign for anti – illegal dr*gs was at its peak.

Robredo said in her message to the UN body:

“People are told they do not have any right to demand search warrants as they are squatters… Residents are rounded up, women separated from men and those with tattoos have their belongings searched. People are told they don’t have any right to demand search warrants since they are squatters… Some have told us that when there’s a crime they normally go to the police. Now they don’t know where to turn. Our people feel both hopeless and helpless.”

Tiglao said the figure presented by VP Leni was FALSE and nothing but a fake news.

Tiglao, in his write – up, justified that, “these 7,000 figures as the total number of extra-judicial k*llings that Robredo has disseminated to the world is one maliciously fabricated by a low-level biased or incompetent researcher, and posted by the yellow and lazy editors of the rappler.com newsite on March 13, 2017. This number has been repeated again and again by the Yellow Cult, and even by uninformed media abroad. Rappler even has misled readers by claiming that the “numbers are based on data” from the Philippine National Police.”
Vice President Leni Robredo / Photo from news.philippinecentral.com
VP Leni called the former Davao Vice Mayor “irresponsible” on her radio show, aired Sunday, December 09, for forcing paranoia stemming from an alleged plot to oust President Duterte.

VP Leni was among those enlisted in the “Anti – Duterte Administration Group, Oust Duterte Movement” which Pulong shared on Facebook.

In a statement, VP Leni said, “Napaka-irresponsible—napaka-irresponsible na mag-post ng isang bagay na una, wala namang basehan. Pangalawa, hindi ko alam kung alam niya kung saan iyon nanggaling, kasi obviously, iyong gumawa noon, hindi man lang nag-aksaya ng panahon para mag-research. Sana nalaman niya na hindi naman ako pumupunta sa mga lugar na iyon, at iyong mga nakalista hindi ko naman kilala.”

Duterte Warned Public Officials Not To Meddle Around Politics

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte, on Monday, delivered a strong message reminding government officials to avoid getting involved in ‘politics’ during the May 2019 Elections.

“We are observing the election period. I would like to remind everybody in the government, lalo na ang armed forces pati na ang police, do not take sides, either for or against my party ‘wag kayong makialam,” the President said.

“Huwag kayong mag kampanya and do not favor any candidate whatsoever. That is the mandate of the Constitution and we will stick by it,” Duterte added.

The President, during the awarding of housing units to the uniformed personnel of the First Scout Ranger Regiment held in San Miguel, Bulacan, made the statement, issuing a stern warning at the candidates against possible threat from intimidating voters.

“I’d like to just inform, sabihin ko lang sa mga kandidato and that goes for the entire Philippines. During my watch, sa panahon ko, hindi talaga ako papayag, ke kasama kita sa gobyerno, kasama kita sa partido o kalaban kita sa pulitiko, do not t*rrorize, do not intimidate and do not create fear on voters,” Duterte said.

“Sasabihin ko sa inyo form Jolo to Abra, ‘pag ginawa niyo ‘yan, ako mismo pupunta at mag ar*sto sa ‘yo at maghila sayo. Tali-an kita sa leeg, doon sa ligid ng eroplano, paliparin ko ang eroplano, t*ngina niyo, ‘wag kayong mag ano, ‘wag sa panahon ko. Do it some other time,” the President added.


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