Former Financial Manager of Kris Finally Speaks Up: Kris Aquino’s Funding of Jover Laurio’s Anti-Duterte Blog, A Move To Protect Her ”Queendom” - The Daily Sentry

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Former Financial Manager of Kris Finally Speaks Up: Kris Aquino’s Funding of Jover Laurio’s Anti-Duterte Blog, A Move To Protect Her ”Queendom”

Nicko Falcis and Kris Aquino, photo from PhilNews
After months of keeping mum in regards to the alleged stolen million peso fund from Kris Aquino versus Nicko Falcis, the latter bravely brought his side to the social media. In his recent Instagram post, Kris’ former financial manager disclosed his side of the story when he was instructed by the actress to identify anti-DDS and anti-administration blogs and fund them in order to protect her so-called “queendom” in social media. All through Facebook boosts.

#PABoost Issue 

Nicko’s exact post,

“Your specific instructions were to identify anti-administration / anti-DDS blogs and give them funds to protect your “queendom” though fb boosts. In addition to the Kris Aquino FB page, I boosted Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog page as an advertiser because YOU introduced her to me....” 

No Paper Trail 

Falcis shared that Laurio came over Aquino’s house in the middle of their meeting and instructed that cash will be given to the surprise visitor to avoid paper trail. He then reminds the actress,

“Remember, I’m an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation. There is no way “baka may nabulsa sa pondo.” I never stole from you and you know that. I have the receipts of the boostings, but you never bothered to review them, including the reports and updates.” 

After the news broke out late last year, the Falcis family admits having death threats. On Nicko’s post, he pleads to Kris,

“Please stop this bu££ying against my family and I. We refuse to be your victims.” 

The actress recently answered an irate netizen regarding her involvement with funding anti-duterte Facebook pages despite being vocal about supporting the president and his ideals.
Aquino admits of the involvement only to protect her brother, former president Noynoy Aquino from criticisms.

Facebook page Thinking Pinoy believes that such da esperate act from Kris Aquino isn’t a move to protect Pnoy but to herself and her “Queendom.” Netizens, however, noticed how the mainstream media keep mum about the issue.

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Kris Aquino's estranged financial manager Nicko Falcis, in an 08 January 2019 Instagram post, said she gave him money and ordered him to find and fund anti-Rody Duterte blogs to protect her "queendom" on facebook.

This is contrary to Aquino's earlier claim that she financed opposition blogs only to protect her brother, former President Noynoy Aquino, from criticism.

The Aquino Political Dynasty is heavily identified with the opposition Liberal Party.

Source: The Thinking Pinoy FB page