Thinking Pinoy Likens Kris Aquino To A Cockroach But Believes She won't Escape The Latest #Paboost Scandal - The Daily Sentry

Thinking Pinoy Likens Kris Aquino To A Cockroach But Believes She won't Escape The Latest #Paboost Scandal

Kris Aquino and Jover Laurio
Pro-administration blogger Thinking Pinoy likened the queen of all media Kris Aquino to a cockroach for surviving all sorts of scandals throughout the length of her showbiz career and seemingly emerge through them unscathed and even stronger.

Nuclear attacks

He started his post by mentioning the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear attacks where it was reported that only cockroaches survived the two blasts. He likened it to the scandals or "nuclear blasts" that Kris has survived in her showbiz career.

However, he feels that the current "blast" of Kris, the #paboost scandal involving anti-administration bloggers is something that Kris wouldn't be able to emerge from.

In a comment on her IG account, Kris was caught saying she paid Nicko Falcis money to boost a blog by Yellow blogger Jover Laurio.

A screenshot also was shown where Jover Laurio sent a message to Nicko asking the latter to boost her post about the pro-administration bloggers.

Live video

PT also mentioned a live video of Kris where she announced two things. One is that her endorsements are in danger because of the scandals and lawsuits that she has been having. And second is that she will take 14 days hiatus from social media.

She mentioned that the reason for the two is because of her health problems.

Pinoy Thinking doesn't believe her

On the other hand, TP does not believe he that it was her doctors' orders and that it is because of her health. Because he feels that her endorsements are endangered because companies do not want their endorsers to be politically involved.

Adding to that, he feels that her hiatus is not from doctors' orders. She just wants that virality of her issue to past before she goes back to her usual self. Because if she doesn't TP is certain this will be the end of her reign.