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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Viral Ateneo Bully Kid Claims Self-defense; Mom Apologizes And Asks For Understanding From The Netizens

Photo screenshot from GMA/Youtube
Few days before Christmas of 2018, a bu!!ying video of an Atenean student went viral. It isn’t just one but more of it came out. It came onto most netizens attention, thus subjected to a wide debate about whether it is right or not to share the videos given that the involved parties are both minors.

Some netizens claim that it is unfortunate that it has to go viral to force athe dmin to take a course of action. Netizens blasted and much more cyber-bu!!y the alleged offender to give him a lesson.

Public Apology 

After weeks of keeping mum, the mother of the kid seen in the video blatantly giving away a series of hits and kicks to his fellow student came out and aired her public apology addressed to the victims. The woman also apologized to the school itself after being dragged on the issue. She says,

"I would like to apologize for the action of my son. Sa nasaktan niya, sa school na na-drag man ang school sa isyu na ito.” 

Photo screenshot from GMA/Youtube
However, she took her stand to speak to the public to give understanding to her son since he was only a kid.

“"I apologize pero gusto ko ring hingin yung understanding ng tao na bata itong anak ko eh.”


Arnold Clavio of GMA News was able to interview the grade nine student where the latter insisted that he acted on his defense.

“I was just defending myself. Hindi naman ako nam-bully for no reason.” he says.

Photo screenshot from GMA/Youtube
Recently, another kid anonymously claim that the alleged junior high school bu££y student is only defending himself at the time. However, the video only shows a part of the story which resulted to bigger issues.

When asked by Clavio if he admits his wrong, he only responds with,

“Hindi dapat ako nag-react ng ganu'n ka-violent.”

The agressor then says,

“Nilalabas ko lang 'yung inis ko sa kanya kasi tapos na nga 'yung problema tapos hinamon mo pa ako nu'ng suntukan nu'ng last subject.”

Watch the video below: