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Friday, August 23, 2019

Directors rage against Duterte gov't on Sanchez's looming release

Directors Antoinette Jadaone and John Lazatin
Along with the Filipino public were filmmakers who were deeply shaken when the news highlighting Antonio Sanchez's looming release made headlines. 

Box office Directors Antoinette Jadaone and John Lazatin were among those who vocally expressed their outrage on social media against the ex-Mayor's impeded release. 

The supposed release was prevented due to  to disqualification as made clear by both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Corrections (BuCor).

On Instagram, Antoinette Jadaone, who is an alumna of the University of the Philippines, posted a picture that says "No to Sanchez's release". 
Screenshot from Jadaone's Instagram post
The director's caption was a story elaborating how the convcted former Mayor of Calauan, Laguna committed one of the most horrible crmes of all time in the Philippine history.

Jadaone, however, made a disclaimer that the story was not hers and that it was from a certain Desiree Carlos who, according to Jadaone, originally posted it publicly on Facebook. 

Simply reading her caption on the said post would not reveal the director's rage against the Duterte government; but browsing through the post's comment section would. 

When a netizen commented "walang kwenta goberno natin", the female director replied: "walang-wala talaga."

Screenshot from Jadaone's Instagram post
Jadaone's rage versus the administration was more evident on another comment when someone said: "This broke my heart. Started crying midway reading. I dont know what else to feel aside from sadness, pity and anger! How can they do that to the girl? Dont they have a heart? AND NOW this? Releasing that MONSTER? GOD NO PLEASE???? NO TO SANCHEZ'S RELEASE" where she replied: "malala na ‘tong gobyernong ‘to."
Screenshot from Jadaone's Instagram post
The director who rose to fame in her movie That Thing Called Tadhana repeated her strong remark when another netizen commented: "Wtf!!! Government gusto ko na tlagang pumunta sa mars".

Screenshot from Jadaone's Instagram post
In the person of her fellow filmmaker John Lazatin, Jadaone has found an ally in being vocal of her outrage against the government.

Lazatin commented on Jadaone's post, saying "Sana naman magsama sama ang mga mai impluwensiya sa industriya to take a stand against his release! Problema, nagkanya kanya na at natakot na rin ang mga ilan to go against Duterte and his minions! #fearisthesilentmartiallaw".

Screenshot from Jadaone's Instagram post