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Study shows women are happier when paired with ugly men

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In a study conducted at the State University of Florida, results show that women prefer less attractive men as partners, as such are synonymous with happiness.

The study was conducted by Psychology professor Andrea Meltzer and Doctoral student Tania Reynolds who had 113 respondents as interviewees.

The majority of the women were below 25 years old, and were all asked about their interests, and they were rated as well according to their physical attractiveness.

For the classification, they established a rank of 1 to 10 and with the help of other universities they evaluated the photographs of the participants to be able to grant them a number.

The results showed that women who had attractive husbands were less happier, as they feel the need to become more physically attractive themselves, for validation.

Women who had attractive husbands constantly try to lose weight to look better, of course, following a healthy diet and with the help of regular exercise. Women in this category answered affirmative questions such as: “I feel extremely guilty after eating a lot”, “I like that my stomach is empty” and “I am terrified to gain weight”, according to the blog site

However, those with "ugly" partners did not strive to maintain an enviable figure, making them happier.

In addition to this it found that women who don’t see themselves as attractive, have problems with insecurity when next to an attractive man.

In short, when women are paired with physically attractive men, they tend to feel insecure with their own appearance, a burden that is not present when their partner is obviously attractive.