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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cheers! Study Says Drinking Alcohol Helps You Speak a Foreign Language Better

June 11, 2019
Cheers! Study Says Drinking Alcohol Helps You Speak a Foreign Language Better,
Photo from Shuttershock
Study Says A Little Alcohol Would Make Us Better Linguists

While it is proven that alcohol can help in reducing nervousness and inhibition, if taken in moderation of course, recent studies suggest that a little alcohol can help people speak a foreign language better, even without them knowing it.

All In Moderation

We all know the effects of alcohol in our body. Physicians have noted that a moderate dose of alcohol would be beneficial for our health, and help us overcome nervousness and hesitation, while excessive drinking would affect our cognitive skills and motor functions.

So it leads to the question, “Does alcohol make people speak foreign language better?, or is it nothing but the alcohol talking courageously?”

Put To The Test

British and Dutch researchers decided to end this interesting debate to rest by making an experiment. They gathered 50 native German students who were studying at Maastricht University located in the Netherlands, and whose classes were taught in Dutch.

During the experiment, half of the students were given water to drink while the other half were given alcoholic drinks. After that, they were asked to have a casual two-minute conversation with a Dutch interviewer. The conversations were recorded and then scored by two Dutch natives who didn’t know which students had alcohol.

Astonishing Results

According to the results, the people who’ve had alcohol have a higher score compared to those who drank water. Those in the alcohol group have better fluency, specifically better pronunciation than those in the water group.

Surprisingly, the alcohol group thinks that they did not perform any better than those in the water group, which means the alcohol did not affect their self-rating or confidence. But, thanks to the alcohol, they did perform better.

Cheers to that!

Source: Time

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sri Lankan President Admires Duterte’s Drug War: I feel we should follow Duterte's footsteps

January 16, 2019

Sri Lankan President Expressed Admiration To Duterte’s Drug War: "The war against crime and drugs carried out by you is an example to whole world”

Duterte’s drug war has been widely recognized by various state leaders, particularly the tough ones. They find such advocacy as effective in cutting out the rampant drug trade.

Admiration to Duterte 

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena expressed his admiration to Duterte on his speech in a state banquet during his state visit on Wednesday. He particularly admires how Duterte handles the drug war in which he sees fit as a solution to unbridled drug trade in his country. He says,

"The war against crime and drugs carried out by you is an example to whole world and, personally, to me. The drug menace is rampant in my country and I feel that we should follow your footsteps to control this hazard."

A Potential Partner 

Before the bilateral meeting with the Sri Lankan president, Duterte declares that Sri Lanka could be a potential partner in addressing the illegal drugs trafficking.

Duterte has been very vocal about his advocacy to fully stop and cleanse the country from illegal drug use even before the presidency. The fight is ugly and messy, where thousands were killed during police operations. It even became a disturbing issue for those who oppose such an order called “Tokhang.” Labeled EJK has reached the international community’s attention and has been a subject for debates.


On the other hand, thousands of individuals apprehended for drugs were put to rehabilitation prepared by the government. According to the government, 4,000 were killed during the operation however human rights groups declared 12,000 casualties.

President Sirisena 

Sirisena arrived last Tuesday and will be in the country until 19th. He is scheduled to visit the International Rice Research Institute in Laguna and Asian Development Bank (ADB). On his arrival to Palace, he signed and wrote in the official guest book,

“This historic state visit would lead to stronger bonds of friendship, enhance mutual understanding and reinvigorate cooperation for the benefit of our two peoples.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Leaked Alleged Call Recording of Kris Aquino Threatening Nicko Falcis: “Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko"

January 15, 2019

“Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko. Dare to step in this country and you will be dead.” 

Kris Aquino went viral for the nth time, this time in a more critical situation. Late last year, news broke out after she filed a case against her former business partner, Nicko Falcis, brother of Duterte critic, Atty. Jesus Falcis.

Death Threats From Kris Aquino

Today, a voice recording of Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis surfaced online and is now viral. In the phone recording, Aquino can be heard threatening Falcis by saying,

“Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko. Dare to step in this country and you will be dead.”

The labeled as “Queen of Social Media” revealed to Falcis that she has “Lupus” wherein the latter can be heard surprised and uttering his repeated “sorry” for what he calls “Madam”. Kris then can be heard cursing Nicko out of anger.

Alleged Accusations

She then threatens Nicko that when she finally gets her diagnosis in Singapore where she is taking her medical help, she will tell the Philippines (pertaining to Filipinos) what is wrong with her and insists that the entire country trusts her. In the conversation, the actress accused Nicko of stealing money from her son.

Nicko Breaks His Silence

Recently, Nicko broke his silence, disclosing Aquino’s alleged funding of Anti-Duterte articles through Facebook boosts. The actress rebuts by telling the people that such deed was done in order to spare her brother, former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino with hate and negative critics from netizens. Screenshots of conversations in a Viber group called “Resibo Group” with members Aquino, Falcis, and Jover Laurio leaked beforehand. Jover Laurio, blog owner of Pinoy Ako Blog was also under hot water after involvement with Aquino’s alleged underground tactic against the current administration.

Falcis welcomed an interview with ABS-CBN’s News Program ANC where he shared his one year experience of having business with Kris Aquino and how things went sour between them.

Below is the alleged call recording:

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Arnel Ignacio and Raffy Tulfo Accepted The Deportation Challenge of ‘OFW Kabit’

January 13, 2019
Photo from
Charlie Lozada, a tricycle driver together with his 5 kids came up to Wanted Sa Radyo, Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help regarding his Saudi-based OFW wife who is allegedly having an affair with a Pinoy engineer in Saudi Arabia.

Illicit Affair 

Sheerlyn Gerasta, wife of Charlie went overboard after declaring that she chooses her new boyfriend over her family after her eldest son makes her choose between the two parties.
Tulfo’s team were able to contact Edwin “Kimpoy” Madredio, an engineer from Saudi who is being linked to Sheerlyn. Long before, Charlie made pleas to Edwin to break off his relationship with his wife. But then, he ended up being challenged by his wife’s lover to have them deported if he has “brains.”

Sheerlyn Gerasta, photo from Google
Challenge Accepted 

Raffy found the insult offensive for the poor man. Instead of being sincere and grounded, Edwin even turns more boastful and full of pride which irked Arnel Ignacio, OWWA Deputy administrator. He felt empathy for the 5 kids who are crying on the booth and to the helpless father trying to get back his wife. He then threatens to use all his connections to find the location of the two having illicit affairs and have the deported and jailed.

Push Through Deportation Plan 

Ignacio says that people like Sheerlyn and Edwin were the kinds that ruin the reputation of Filipino OFWs in general. Arnel promised Charlie to give all the help he needs in order to have the two deported. Raffy seconded and plead to help too with all the necessary actions needed. On the other hand, Sheerlyn seems to have no plans of fixing her family issue despite her kids asking for.

Sheerlyn Gerasta, photo from Google
Awaiting Deportation 

In the end, Tulfo still asks Charlie if he is willing to compromise or push through the case against the two. The driver insists of pushing through the claim as he does not see sincerity and willingness from them. He chose to deal with Edwin’s challenge.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Teenager Becomes Paralyzed For Selling His Kidney To Buy An iPhone

January 10, 2019
Photo from Within Nigeria
It is a never-ending battle when people chooses between their “wants” and “needs”. Most of the time, their penchant for choosing the wrong thing for their life remains harmless. However, there are times that they endanger themselves by “wanting” to have what they can’t.

Cool kid

Take this 25-year-old man from China, only known as Wang, who learned his lesson the hard way. When he was just 17, he wanted so badly to be the cool kid in school. But he knows that his parents wouldn’t be able to afford it so he found a way to feed his desperation.

He found a middleman in the internet who helped him sell his right kidney. He got 2528 Euros which he immediately used to buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 in 2011.


In April 2011, he had traveled from Anhui Province to meet his middleman who introduced him to two surgeons. His travels were discreet because his parents cannot know.

The clinic where the operation was done turned out to be uncertified and a major threat to the boy’s life.

Before going back to their hometown, he immediately bought the gadgets he desperately sought for.

The authorities

When his mom asked where he got it, that’s when he admitted that he sold a kidney, His mom immediately called the police. In April 2012, nine people who were involved with the case including the two surgeons and 3 middlemen were charged by public prosecutors in the city of Chenzhou.

The middlemen were jailed for five years and the surgeons for two. The Wang family got 1.47 yuan as compensation.


Seven years after the operation, Wang is surely regretting his actions. It turned out, his other kidney is not healthy, or it wasn’t able to take the shock. Wang had renal failure and had to undergo regular dialysis. Later on, he became disabled because of the infections he incurred from the operations.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Byahe na! Baguio Bound Bus Is Both Comfy And Tech Savvy Too

January 09, 2019
Photo from READit
There was a time when travelling to Baguio means having to stop at several stop-overs to eat, but mostly for passengers to use the toilet. With the advent of buses that has it’s own toilets, travelling to Baguio means fewer stop-overs and faster travel time. If you add comfortability and Internet technology to that, it’s a ride of a lifetime!


Netizen Clarence Estandian Inso couldn’t hide his appreciation over the bus he rode going to Baguio recently. He felt the need to share it on social media so that his fellow netizens can see how comfortable the ride was and how high-tech the public vehicle is.

Photo from READit
The amazing bus can accomodate a total of 28 passengers, which makes it very comfortable inside. Each seat has it’s own TV monitors, where passengers can watch TV shows or movies. It’s reminiscent of the seats we have when we travel by plane, complete with it’s tray table and cupholders.


Aside from its advanced and comfortable seats, the bus is equipped with its own internet, so you can stay online even during the journey. If you have with you your own headset, then you can easily enjoy the movies as well as the music they offer to passengers.

Photo from READit
What makes this bus so impressive is that for a little additional fare, you will have the opportunity to experience convenience that other buses do not offer. It has its own built-in toilet, which means no more stopping in restaurants for toilet breaks. It also means that passengers can expect to arrive in Baguio faster because of less stop-overs.

Photo from READit
The trip to Baguio using this high tech bus is pegged at Php730, which can be considered a good deal if you take convenience into consideration. You can catch this bus at their terminal in Avenida.


‘Alak’ Challenge: Young Man Dies After Alcohol Intoxication On New Year’s Eve

January 09, 2019
Photo compiled from Ice Ignacio's Facebook account
Holidays and rare occasions are sweet and memorable if shared with our beloved family and friends. Apart from good laughs, sumptuous foods, stories shared, alcohol drinks keep the bond of the group. However, alcohol intake is always advised to be taken lightly. Like what we often hear from the adults, an excess of anything is bad.

Holiday Games 

On the recent holiday season, certain games went viral on Facebook that made every gathering have tried on. Games and challenges with corresponding paper monies became common to every program just to instill fun. One, in particular, is the alcohol challenge wherein various alcoholic drinks were laid on the table. Every kind has corresponding money that one would definitely get after he or she bottoms up the liquor served. However, this kind of game isn’t advisable to many for it might lead to some serious problems.

Alcohol Intoxication 

A Facebook netizen, Ice Ignacio took to social media the knock of adversity to his childhood friend after alcohol intoxication. His friend passed away last December 31, right on the exact time where everyone gathers up to meet the new year coming. The netizen shared that his friend joined such game where alcohol shots corresponded with money. Luckily he won but didn’t see the upcoming exchange of fate. In the picture are various heavy drinks such as Emperador, Alfonso, Tanduay, and Black Label.

Warning Post 

The very reason why Ignacio made such post is to create awareness that excessive and mixing hard drinks at a time isn’t advisable. Little do we know that it might inflict to some serious health condition or worse lead to d3ath. On the other hand, he wishes peaceful rest for his dear childhood friend.

Netizens were quick to spread the word and awareness with their friends. Some send their sincere condolences to the uploader.

Read full post below:

Sleeptight my childhood friend.

Guys, share ko lang cause of death nya pra aware din kayo and maiwasan. He died due to alcohol intoxication last Dec 31. Yung pa-games na iinumin mo yung mga alcohol shots with corresponding money. He won that game pero eto yung kapalit.. 😞 lahat kami nabigla.

Source: Ice Ignacio

Former Financial Manager of Kris Finally Speaks Up: Kris Aquino’s Funding of Jover Laurio’s Anti-Duterte Blog, A Move To Protect Her ”Queendom”

January 09, 2019
Nicko Falcis and Kris Aquino, photo from PhilNews
After months of keeping mum in regards to the alleged stolen million peso fund from Kris Aquino versus Nicko Falcis, the latter bravely brought his side to the social media. In his recent Instagram post, Kris’ former financial manager disclosed his side of the story when he was instructed by the actress to identify anti-DDS and anti-administration blogs and fund them in order to protect her so-called “queendom” in social media. All through Facebook boosts.

#PABoost Issue 

Nicko’s exact post,

“Your specific instructions were to identify anti-administration / anti-DDS blogs and give them funds to protect your “queendom” though fb boosts. In addition to the Kris Aquino FB page, I boosted Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog page as an advertiser because YOU introduced her to me....” 

No Paper Trail 

Falcis shared that Laurio came over Aquino’s house in the middle of their meeting and instructed that cash will be given to the surprise visitor to avoid paper trail. He then reminds the actress,

“Remember, I’m an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation. There is no way “baka may nabulsa sa pondo.” I never stole from you and you know that. I have the receipts of the boostings, but you never bothered to review them, including the reports and updates.” 

After the news broke out late last year, the Falcis family admits having death threats. On Nicko’s post, he pleads to Kris,

“Please stop this bu££ying against my family and I. We refuse to be your victims.” 

The actress recently answered an irate netizen regarding her involvement with funding anti-duterte Facebook pages despite being vocal about supporting the president and his ideals.
Aquino admits of the involvement only to protect her brother, former president Noynoy Aquino from criticisms.

Facebook page Thinking Pinoy believes that such da esperate act from Kris Aquino isn’t a move to protect Pnoy but to herself and her “Queendom.” Netizens, however, noticed how the mainstream media keep mum about the issue.

Read full post below: 


Kris Aquino's estranged financial manager Nicko Falcis, in an 08 January 2019 Instagram post, said she gave him money and ordered him to find and fund anti-Rody Duterte blogs to protect her "queendom" on facebook.

This is contrary to Aquino's earlier claim that she financed opposition blogs only to protect her brother, former President Noynoy Aquino, from criticism.

The Aquino Political Dynasty is heavily identified with the opposition Liberal Party.

Source: The Thinking Pinoy FB page