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This Is Really Happening! $3.7 Billion Makati Subway System’s Construction Has Started

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Makati as one of the most progressive cities in Metro has just started its $3.7 billion dollars worth subway project. The construction of the 10 kilometer Makati Subway System starts today.

Makati Subway System 

This prestigious project will connect eight to ten key points in Makati. It will pass over malls along the Ayala Avenue all the way to Makati Fire Station, Makati City Hall, the Poblacion Heritage site, Ospital ng Makati, Guadalupe area, and the University of Makati.

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The said intra-city railway project will be handled by a firm owned by a certain businessman named Antonio L. Tiu. It was awarded to the firm last October by the Makati Public-Private Partnership Committee. In an interview, Tiu says,

“This will create 6,000 new jobs, this will create more demand for in-city housing, this will decongest 217,000 cars off the road.” 

He then adds,

“This will reduce 2.3 million metrics tons of carbon dioxide emission.” 

Making Things Happen 

Last August, Tiu confirms that the project will have potential links to other mass transports such as MRT, Pasig River Ferry Station, and JICA-funded Metro Manila Subway. The proposal of the project was submitted to Mayor Abby Binay’s office last May and positively looks forward that it will give fast convenience and efficiency for the mass transport system.

A Solution To Traffic Congestion 

Since Makati is a business district, the city gets congested over time even on the wee hours. According to the Makati city government spokesperson Atty. Michael Camina, the subway project is intended to ease heavy traffic in the business district. Not only that, the officials and the firm assures that flooding won’t be a problem but instead enhance the city’s drainage systems.

Makati Subway System is expected to be completed in 2025 which will serve an estimate of 700,000 passengers every day. Indeed, it will generate more jobs for skilled workers.

Makati indeed makes things happen.

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