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A wise decision saves a Filipina from everlasting torture

Photo credit: PinoyCitizen
After the making the decision of implementing a total deployment ban of Overseas Filipino Workers (OWF) in Kuwait, people have relentlessly criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte. The only saving grace against these critics is the safety of his citizens and the defense that not only his people but also other foreign citizens commit.

Yet another case of abuse went viral on Facebook, Quervyzhean Artiza, a netizen and friend of the suffering Filipino domestic helper Minda Lngka Po posted the unforgivable state of the domestic helper. Immediate rescue of this Filipina was a must for she was being beaten under the hands of her employer due to jealousy.

Artiza elaborated the events that lead to Po’s brutal beating, the female employer was jealous of Po for apparently the employer’s husband developed a liking for the Filipina. The employer mercilessly beat the domestic helper down and confiscated her phone in order to keep her silent, to cut her ability to call for help from friends and relatives.

Luckily Po was a wise Filipina, she kept a spare phone with her for emergencies and was able to take a picture that would’ve served as evidence towards her Kuwaiti employer’s brutality. Po soon sent it to her friend who was able to share her story on social media, this prompted the authorities to save her.

Filipino comradery and compassion for each other saved Po from her ever brutal employer. As of today, she is safe in the Office of the Embassy, safe from harm and the clutches of such inhumane people.

Source: pinoycitizen.net