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Watch: New Cancer vaccine successful in testing

FOX 32 reporting a new cancer vaccine, photo from Facebook
Cancer has been one of the diseases that’s been haunting humanity since its discovery due to the lack of a solution to totally eradicate the cancer cells of the body. Conventional treatment like chemo therapy has adverse side effects such as baldness and weakening of the immune system and surgery can only intercept the cancer tumors that are large enough to be worked on, on a micro scale, it is impossible to get to.

It has all been grim till the researchers of Stanford University have successfully eradicated any traces of tumors in the bodies of mice after directly injecting a combination of two immune boosters directly into the mice’s tumors.  Out of the 90 tested mice, 87 came our cancer-free. The vaccine apparently can only target one specific kind of cancer and it has only been tested on mice with lymphoma, breast, colon and melanoma tumors.
In just a short amount of time, the cancer vaccine will be on its way to saving countless lives.
Source: Natalie Bomke Fox 32 Chicago