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Bishop to clergy: Be a 'good shepherd', prepare to die to protect flock

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, photo from Preda Foundation

Manila, Philippines - Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) vice president, said that as a Church leader, he had failed for not being able to protect his diocese from murderers, adding that Christ also agreed with him.

During his homily at the Eucharistic celebration of the 5th Philippine Conference of New Evangelization (PCNE 5), the Bishop said that he was not a good shepherd to his flock.

“So today in utter shame and frustration, I declare I have not been a good shepherd to my flock! The wolves, they have been prowling the streets and alleys of Caloocan, Malabon and Navotas for almost 2 years now.”David said early Thursday.

“And when I woke up early this morning, I heard the good shepherd whispering to me in my prayer, “You are right, Ambo [his nickname], you are not the good shepherd. I am." he said.

David together with other CBCP officials have condemned the recent kiIlings of priests.

This message from the Caloocan bishop stemmed from the recent incidents of kilIings in Caloocan City.

The bishop also shared that before his homily for the mass, he said that he received a message from one member of the Caloocan diocese, whom he did not name, that there was another victim named  Jennifer Taburada, 27, slain by “masked men” at Barangay 152 in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan around 8 p.m.

He added that those men made sure Taburada did not survive before leaving her.

During the mass at the PCNE, a special collection was asked that reached to more than P297, 000 for the orphaned children of Taburada.

“the deathsquads that kilIed Jennifer earlier were not even rushing. If the police in the nearby station wanted to pursue them, they had all the time to do so.” The bishop claimed.

Taburada was reportedly widowed by one of the victims of EJK, who led the support group for EJK victims in Caloocan.

David also asked the faithful Catholics for prayers as he was not able to protect his flock with his life while he comfortable slept on his warm bed.

Source: Manila Times