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What is home?

Photo by Werner Sevenster, Unsplash
Home. We may be defining it differently.

For some, home may be the person they cannot live without; their partner who has been there for them for ages, they see them as their haven.

For most, it's basically the place (where they grew up it took a big part of their becoming) they keep coming back to even though they have already been to some parts of the world that—because of those places' beauty and the convenience it could give them—could have suppressed them from returning but didn't.

For me, it's both the people and the place. Simply because of two obvious reasons:

1. The people I call 'family' live there.

The same people who long to see me, as much as I long to see them, as though I didn't cause them any close-to-unforgivable headaches.

The same people who, for so many times (too many I can no longer remember when), showed me there is no misunderstanding a family can't set aside just to support you; that no matter how long you haven't been around—in which you have unforgivably missed tons of significant family occasion they have a valid reason to get mad at you about—their treatment to you haven't changed a bit; that no matter how much you have messed up with your life, their acceptance of you remains the same: warm, overwhelming, sincere.

2. They live THERE. There in the town that has been both my heaven and hell.

From it being an awesome playground from my younger years to becoming an arena of life's eye-opening hurtful truths, a lot of things happened to me which it has been a witness of.

That is why the place alone is already but a treasure. Just like the stuff your lover gave you. It's got sentimental value, you know.

Kidding aside, what does that tell us?

Home, unlike any other place, is where our heart perfectly nestles at.

It's a place like no other. Which only goes to show that there may be lots of amazingly breathtaking sights you can actually live in wherever you wish to, but there will always be one spot that will keep you coming back. And it only proves one thing:

Home will always be home.

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